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After Years of Research, Big Pharma Finally Shows Evidence Cannabis Kills Cancer

In April of 2015, the National Institute of Drug Abuse finally accepted that cannabis kills cancer cells and highly reduces the growth of additional brain cancer cells. 

A shocking admission, as the Federal government remains its stance, leaving cannabis as a Schedule-1 drug with “no apparent medical benefit.” Despite the clear blocks, research has been ongoing. The pharmaceutical industry may help with undermining the stubbornness of our government’s stance on cannabis being considered as medicine. 

GW Pharmaceuticals, a British company, has been examining and testing cannabis extracts these past few years. They have found clinical evidence that prove certain formulations reduce the mortality rate of those with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a form of brain cancer that kills patients within 2 years. On February 7th, results from the ‘phase 2 proof of concept study’ were published. Mixed with temozolomide, the common medication for GBM, patients survival rate was more than 550 days, in comparison to 369 days without cannabis treatment. The cannabis treatment helped procure an 83% one-year survival rate, compared to 53% for non-cannabis patients.

Previous studies have proved that a CBD-THC combination “lead to a synergistic reduction in the viability of U87MG glioma cells,” and the “co-administration of temozolomide with THC and CBD had further synergistic effects, causing a significant reduction in cell viability.”

In their own press release, GW Pharmaceuticals had noted that there was a substantial amount of oncologic research on cannabinoids to help treat various forms of cancer, with 15 publications about the positive effects on tumor suppression and growth—especially aiding in promoting autophagy, or “the process of regulated self-degradation by cells.”

“We believe that the signals of efficacy demonstrated in this study further reinforce the potential role of cannabinoids in the field of oncology and provide GW with the prospect of a new and distinct cannabinoid product candidate in the treatment of glioma,” said CEO Justin Gover.

GW Pharmaceuticals is a well-respected pharmaceutical company, as it has embraced the benefits of cannabis. Instead of protesting against cannabis legalization-as U.S. companies have done by anti-marijuana propaganda and through state ballot initiatives. The company is on the cusp of receiving approval with Epidiolex, a cannabis-derived drug, to help treat children who have a severe form of epilepsy.

It will be filed for approval within the year, in the U.K. and U.S. Recent trials have proven “high statistical significance” in treating patients that suffer from frequent seizures (some suffered about 80 severe seizures in one day).

We know through many examples of the administration of CBD or various types of cannabis oils, that help in stopping seizures in children who have epilepsy. This reason is why a company in Colorado has manufactured a nasal cannabis spray that helps in stopping seizures within 20 seconds.

There are many states that accept this and are legalizing cannabis and cannabis extracts for seizure treatment. With Epidiolex out on the market, it will put naysayers to shame and will potentially benefit those with chronic illnesses nationwide. It will silence the lies and go as far to testing its status as a Schedule-1 drug with “no medical benefit.”

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