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9 Genius Garden Hacks You’ll Wish You Thought of Long Ago

Gardening is the all natural, more beneficial way to growing and eating healthier foods, fruits and vegetables. 

Here are 9 ways to save yourself some time and make your backyard look like a green paradise. 

1. Vacation Watering

For potted plants: When you are gone for a few days on vacation, this method will help out greatly. Place a glass of water beside the plants and cover the soil with paper towel and into the cup. The paper towel will absorb the water and deliver plants a balanced amount of moisture for 3 days. 

For larger outdoor crops: Grab a 5 gallon, large plastic container and fill it. Place it at the base of the plants that need watering with the bottom of the jug on the ground. Then, with a needle or tack, poke a small hole on he bottom edge to ensure water drops slowly but frequently. This allows for you to be gone about a week without worry. 

2. Eggshell and Coffee Grinds

You can combine your coffee grinds and eggshells together to for a compost. It will boost the nutrients in the ground, and prevent blossom rot. 

3. Baking Soda Sweetener and Anti-Fungal Spray

Adding baking soda into the soil will work to lower acidity levels and produce the freshest tomatoes. Don’t go too crazy with it. Sprinkle little around established plants and make sure to test it on one before adding it to you entire crop. If your soil is already slightly alkaline you could throw your soil balance off too much.

Another use for baking soda with tomatoes is to make an organic spray for fungal diseases. With 1 gallon of water, mix 1 tbsp of baking soda and 2 1/2 tbsp of vegetable oil in a spray bottle. Stir and add 1/2 tsp of castile soap. Spray on leaves of tomato plants until the disease vanishes.

4. Potato Roses

A rosebush can be regrown with its stems by poking them into potatoes before planting them in the ground. Cut your cuttings at a 45 degree angle to maximize surface area for new roots to grow. The potatoes ensure that cutting is moist and help stabilize the rosebush roots.

5. Mosquito Repellers

Lavender, rosemary, peppermint and lemon balm are good additives to your cup of tea, and work as an effective mosquito repellent in your garden. 

6. Milk as Fertilizer

Similar to humans, plants need calcium to thrive. So, milk can be used as a form of fertilizer to ensure proper growth, repel funguses and mildew. 

7. Epsom Salt to Fertilize and Prevent Blossom End Rot

Epsom salt isn’t only just great for a bath, it can also be used as a fertilizer in your garden. In general, plants cannot stand salt, but Epsom salt is technically magnesium sulfate. I don’t know if you know, but the earth’s crust is deficient in magnesium from improper crop rotation and monocropping. 

Epsom salt can aid in warding off pests, enhance soil moisture, enhance seed germination, while increasing absorption of nutrients. Epsom salt being used as a fertilizer can help to produce healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables. When going to purchase the salt, aim for fragrance-free and all natural Epsom salts.

8. Buy Once, Regrow Forever Veggies

You can basically regrow your food scraps, There are many veggies that can be re-planted and grown indefinitely in one area. The list includes carrots, sweet potato, green onions, garlic and leeks amongst many others.

9. Winter Wheatgrass

This plant is easy to grow. You can use eggshells to grow winter wheatgrass in your home. Add plenty of soil to the eggshells and plant the seeds.

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