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8 Chain Restaurants You Should NEVER Eat At

Grabbing something at a chain restaurant is easy – especially when your schedule is over-packed, or when you’re traveling – but there are plenty of reasons to skip them. These 8 chains, in particular, should be no-no-no for you in the future.

In particular, chains are often nasty because of their reliance on 1) antibiotic-raised, factory-farmed animals, 2) GMOs,  3) farmed fish, and 4) excessive calorie counts, which leave you feeling gross afterwards, and usually don’t contain much of a nutritional pay-off.

In particular, skip these eight chains:

1. The Cheesecake Factory

The short version of their massive menu: Refined sugars, processed meats, and more sugars. No thanks!

2. Chilli’s

While Chili’s menu may seem like it has healthy options, most of those options weigh in with at bare minimum close to a 1000 calories – or half of your daily recommendation. And that’s before you add any appetizers or drinks!

3. Cracker Barrel

Good luck knowing what’s in your food at Cracker Barrel, as they don’t offer allergen or nutritional information for their meals.

4. Denny’s

While open late, which makes it convenient, Denny’s is another chain full of processed ingredients and crazy calorie counts. Yikes!

5. TGI Friday’s

Consider these “healthy” options – the turkey burger and chicken salad are 1,000 calories each. Nope!

6. PF Chang’s

While we commend their addition of a gluten-free menu, consider this – their gluten-free coconut curry adds nearly 1,300 calories – and has more than your daily dose of fat and sodium.

7. Applebees

Again with the bloated calorie counts: Their sweet potato fries alone are nearly 1,200 calories. Nope!

8. Waffle House

Did we mention most of these chains rely heavily on processed foods? Waffle House might be the worst of the worst.

Instead, we recommend Michael Pollan’s advice below: Eat local!

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