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7 Steps To Reverse Type-2 Diabetes So You Never Have To Use Insulin Or Medication Again

Which disease affects 1-in-4 children and almost every other American? Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 diabetes. 

In America, since the 1980’s, the level of Type 2 diabetes has skyrocketed. More than a third of adults in this country are obese. Researchers are now estimating that about 1-in-3 Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes by the middle of this century.

Its a fact that, 1-in-3 dollars from Medicare, is spent on treatment of diabetes making it the largest architect of our federal debt. These numbers have increased, and many experts are saying that things will become much worse ahead. 

The term “diabesity” defines the continuance of health issues, stemming from mild-insulin resistance and overweight to diabetes and obesity. It is Diabesity that is the major cause of most cases of heart disease, premature death and cancer. These conditions are generally 100% reversible and preventable.

It’s mostly unfortunate regarding its complications that involve stroke, dementia, kidney failure and amputation. Experts claim that obesity is becoming much difficult to treat, along with long-term weight loss maintenance. I humbly disagree.

Science has proved that obesity and diabetes are reversible an preventable with nutritional changes, and modifications in lifestyle choices. Diabetes is caused by the 146 pounds of flour and 152 pounds of sugar that the average American consumes—this is a toxic combination of diabetes-causing foods.

It is well-known that diabetes can be reversed, after a couple weeks, of a gastric bypass. Why? Food is medicine and the removal of toxic foods, helps fasten healing. Recently, one of my patients lost 45 pounds and got off 54 units of insulin, as well as off his diabetes medication.

7 Strategies To Help Prevent, Treat, and Reverse Diabesity

1.Pull the Sugar

A diet filled of empty calories, quick-absorbing sugar, liquid sugar and refined carbohydrates—all of which do convert to sugar—creates high levels of insulin, which leads to resistance of insulin and Type 2 diabetes. Including the chronic, high levels of insulin, include high blood pressure, inflammation, increased risk of cancer and depression.

Most importantly, eliminate or reduce your consumption of sugar.

2. Stock up On Whole, Unprocessed Foods

Its that unprocessed, whole foods that will help balance blood sugar, lower inflammation and oxidative stress, improve detoxification efforts by your liver to prevent or reverse diabetes and insulin resistance.

There are a variety of vegetables and fruit filled with plenty of coconut butter and olive oil, nuts, legumes, omega-3 fats, nuts and seeds. It is wholesome food that alerts the right gene messages to promote healthy metabolism, prevent aging and age-related diseases like heart disease and diabetes, and reverse insulin resistance and diabetes. 

3. Get The Right Nutrients

Supplements have been proven to make cells more sensitive of insulin and much effective at metabolizing fat and sugar. When combined with lifestyle changes and the right diet, they will aid in balancing blood sugar and go as far to reversing or preventing diabetes. I recommend:

• A high-quality multivitamin and mineral
• One to two grams of omega 3 fatty acids
• 1,000 – 2,000 IUs of vitamin D3
• 300 – 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid twice daily
• 200 – 600 mcg of chromium polynicotinate
• 5 to 5 grams of PGX, a unique type of fiber that controls appetite and blood sugar, before each meal with eight ounces of water 
• Other nutrients also play a role in balancing blood sugar and normalizing insulin levels, and I’ve discussed these more fully in my book, The Blood Sugar Solution.

4. Get The Right Exercise

A 30-minute walk/run will actually do you justice. Upbeat and consistent exercise helps balance your blood sugar levels and even lower insulin levels. Its important to get your heart rate about 70-80% of its maximum capacity for an hour.

Do this 6 days a week. Use high-intensity interval training and strength training for good results. Recent studies have shown that both can help with Type 2 diabetes and obesity. 

5. Get Sufficient Sleep

Poor or lack of sleep can actually be found to hurt your metabolism, spikes your blood sugar level and induces carb cravings, makes you want to consume more food, and will increase your risk of various health illnesses involving Type-2 diabetes. A study conducted with healthy participants showed that even a partial nights rest can even harm your insulin levels by causing resistance.

It is imperative that people get the right amount of sleep needed. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is beneficial to your health. You must start up a sleep ritual that includes herbal therapies, creating quiet and darkness, and relaxing to calming sounds. 

6. Control stress levels

When in huge amounts of chronic stress, it is our insulin, cortisol and inflammatory level compounds called cytokines that rise. This creates the relentless destruction of your metabolism that leads to resistance of insulin, weight gain and eventually, Type-2 diabetes.

There are links to mental disorders, weight gain and blood sugar imbalances.

They show that stress needs to be managed effectively, during diabetes and obesity management. Instead of trying to eliminate stressors; learn to control it. Through deep-breathing exercises, yoga, massage, laughing, meditation and dancing are effective ways to help manage your chronic stress and reverse Type 2 diabetes. 

7. Measure To Improve

It is proven in recent research, that those who track their results, will lose twice the amount of weight as others who don’t and do twice as better. Start with a journal to track all your progress and to keep note of your routine.

A notebook, notepad, or spreadsheet in your laptop can be a convenient source to note your fitness information in. What should you track? Besides noting what you eat daily, you’ll want to track your measurements: weight, waist-size, body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure (which is optional). You will begin to feel inspired when you see your results on paper.

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