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7 Reasons You Should Drink Ginger Juice in the Morning

Ginger is one of the most popular spices in the world, and you’ve likely cooked with it before, but did you know that ginger juice, especially first thing in the morning, can have tremendous health benefits? Check out our list of seven reasons why you should start your day with ginger juice!

Here are some really good reasons why you should start drinking ginger juice every day:

1. For Immunity

If you often get sick or even colds and flu every so often, it is time to boost your immune system. While there are supplements you can buy from the pharmacy, nothing beats the natural way to be healthier. Drinking ginger juice can provide you antibiotic effects and increased blood circulation to improve overall health.

2. For Cancer Prevention

Many studies have shown just how ginger can effectively fight cancer, particularly ovarian cancer. Several studies proved that ginger can obliterate cancer cells in the ovary, including this research.

3. For Patients with IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an irritating condition indeed. But ginger can help calm those symptoms down when you brew ginger tea or you juice the root.

4. For Alzheimer’s

According to this study, consuming ginger root daily can slow down the death of your brain cells, which is generally a precursor to the disease.

5. For Your Appetite

Ginger is an appetite stimulant and a suppressant. For the former, it works by helping the stomach produce more acid. Meanwhile, as a suppressant, it contributes to weight loss by burning more fat and letting you feel fuller for a longer time. Ginger with green lemon? Now that’s really something.

6. For Your Tired Muscles

After you’re done with strength training, you can eat ginger or foods with ginger root. It works best if you eat this before you eat and drink anything in the morning. Ginger can help your muscles recover better and faster.

7. For Glucose Level Maintenance

Research conducted in Australia suggests that ginger can reduce high glucose levels. Making sure that your glucose levels are in check is important because this can affect your weight and your energy levels as well.

Ginger is indeed one of a kind when it comes to improving your health. Aside from throwing ginger into your juicer, you can also cook it with your food or choose dried ginger. These two varieties turn gingerols into compounds, such as shogaol and zingerone, which make ginger even more nutritious!

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