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7 New Ways Cannabis Will Dominate Your Wellness Regime

The attitude towards marijuana has changed in the past few years as many are seeing how safe it is and its benefits on our health. 

Those reasons are why people are changing their opinion on weed. 

There are seven ways marijuana will help you in your wellness routine: 

1. CBD is enhancing healthy beverages

Mixing cannabinoids in your smoothie, cocktails and cold-brew teas will give your health a boost. Miriam Novalle from New York unveiled a new line of CBD teas, in many yummy flavors, named High Tea. They are filled with essential nutrients and vitamins. 

2. Edibles have more precise doses

These days edibles are labeled and have well-defined doses. For quite some time, edibles weren’t regulated. Companies like To Whom It May, are making it easier for consumers to know what dose of THC is best for them.

3. Topical’s are going to take over the beauty isle

Cannabis-infused topical creams are effective in alleviating muscle pain and inflammation, along with eczema. The skincare industry will have an extreme meltdown when Apothecanna becomes accessible to the public. Let’s just say, no one will want to use other popular brands.

4. Lighting up isn’t the only way to get lit

You won’t need to light up a blunt to get high, and there are healthier alternatives such as vaping that will give you a refreshing smoke session. It’s proven to be easygoing on the lungs, making it less harsh than smoking from a bong or bowl. 

5. Organic cannabis is a thing

Yes, it is happening. There are many farmers who have embraced natural methods of growing marijuana. Growing marijuana outdoors in the sunlight prevents fungus and pests. Indoor growing requires fungicides and pesticides to ensure the plant(s) don’t get harmed. Flow Kana, a sun-grown brand of cannabis has been growing their weed in the sun, free of chemicals.

They are very proud to be the first cannabis brand to come out in favor for outdoor cultivation of marijuana. 

6. The cannabis community is massive

Broad acceptance of the medicinal herb has helped to grow the cannabis community. There is such a thing as weed yoga and pot-friendly arts and crafts. You’ll be able to get high and make connections with other stoners. 

7. Dispensaries are like high-end boutiques

Some thing that dispensaries are awkward and sketchy places to go to in dark corners. Well, there are dispensaries that could come off as a luxury brand store. Above, is a picture of Bud and Bloom that has a beautiful style. They are very convenient and helpful towards there customers, so you have no worries.

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