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6 Turmeric Brands You Should NEVER Buy (They’re Full Of Lead!)

By now you’re well aware of just what a super food turmeric is – we preach about it’s stellar benefits nearly daily! 

But, we’re also here to caution you to be careful – these six brands have just been found to contain lead!

Yes, you read that right: Lead. Food Safety News is reporting that the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has required a recall notice of the following six brands, each of which contained elevated levels of lead. Read on to learn more!

These are the brands you should most definitely avoid:

1. Spice Select (8-ounce size)
Best before date: 3/18/19
UPC Number: 076114007730

2. Market Pantry (.95-ounce size)
Best before date: 05APR2019
UPC Number: 085239211038

3. Gel (15-ounce size)
Best before date: 4/18/19 and 5/16/19
UPC Number: 076114800867

4. Clear Value (.75-ounce size)
Best before date: 4/27/19
UPC Number: 036800354920

5. Lieber’s (2-ounce size)
Best before date: 5/13/19
UPC Number: 043427006361

6. Spice Supreme (2-ounce size)
Best before date: 5/17/19
UPC Number: 076114364628

Check your pantry 

If you have one of the six brands listed above, be careful not to use it! And you have questions, you can call 201-564-0435 for more information.

No amount of lead is safe, so please please please don’t risk your health by using one of the above brands.

And remember – even if something is good for you, that doesn’t necessarily mean every product containing it is! Be smart out there!

Thanks to The Hearty Soul for the heads-up!

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