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Shocking: Harvard Scientists Warn – “Do Not Drink THIS Type of Milk”

For many Americans, the dairy drink of choice is skim milk. 

But should it be? We’re here with six secrets about skim milk that you need to know.

1. Skim milk starts as a chalky, watery, blueish liquid. 

(No, really.) Before selling it, though, producers add powdered milk solids back into the liquid – to make it better resemble what you expect from milk.

And that’s not all. Consider these other secrets about skim milk that may have you thinking twice before grabbing that jug at the grocery again.

2. It was designed for profit, not health.

The science behind giving up fat in your milk is questionable at best. But here’s the thing: Skim milk is great for dairy sellers, because it used to be a waste product – what was left after skimming the cream off the top. Now, though, big agro businesses have another way to make money.

3. It contains antibiotics, nasty bodily fluids, and GMOs

Most dairy operations anymore are giant factory farms, where cows are fed corn (not grass, as they’re intended – and most of that corn is GMO corn), and as a result of their unnatural diet and regularly wading through feces, are on heavy diets of antibiotics.  Even better, blood and pus frequently make their way into the milk as well – and the FDA allows it, up to 750 million pus cells per liter of milk. Pretty gross, right?

4. Recombinant bovine growth hormones

Don’t worry, it gets worse. Besides those antibiotics, the cows are given growth hormones – what you may know as rBGH – which are genetically modified from the cow to increase production of milk. Nothing unnatural about that…

5. It offers almost no nutritional value

Unlike real milk, skim milk just doesn’t have the same oomph – because it’s mostly water, and the bulk of what makes milk good for you is in the fat-soluble parts of the milk. Guess what? When you lose the fat, you lose those goodies, too – meaning skim milk is pretty worthless from a nutritional standpoint.

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