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5 Reasons To Choose Weed Over Alcohol…No.4 is Enough Reason Alone!

When we all grow up, we think we can handle the effects of alcohol. 

Well, that isn’t exactly the facts. It’s fact that as we age, it takes more time to recoup from a long night of drinking tons of liquor. When you choose to drink, it damages your liver every single time. 

When you smoke marijuana, you have less harsh effects and no hangovers. 

Read on to learn 5 reasons you should smoke instead of drink…

Instead of pouring down jäger bombs and whiskey shots, here are five perfect reasons why you should light up a joint.:

1. Productivity is still an option

Marijuana is found to improve your cognitive abilities, making you think and focus clearly. It also awakens creativity and helps you solve problems.

Alcohol distorts perception and lowers inhibitions, while causing harmful effects on the body in the long-term.

With marijuana, you will feel relaxed and less prone to feelings of anxiety with it’s calming effects, which works out perfectly for the average busy American.

2. It’s more socially acceptable to be super high alone

When you consume alcohol alone, it means you are lonely or depressed. It signifies many problems that can go wrong, horribly wrong in the long term.

Their won’t be any qualms about you smoking a joint alone with a bag of Dorito’s watching Netflix. Yeah, alcohol gives off a good buzz and all, but it has no competition with the relaxing effects of marijuana. 

3. For the most part, people can’t tell that you’re high

Well, if you smoke so much like Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg, you will look high, trust me. But, if you smoke a little then you won’t appear “high” or “dazed.” When you see a drunk person, you can tell they are under the influence.

When it comes to a marijuana smoker, there is no look of inebriation or indication of slurred speech. It is way likely for people to notice drunks than stoners. As you mature, you realize that its best not to act wildly young out in public.

Alcohol will make a fool out of you, while marijuana cools you out.

4. No hangovers!

The beauty of marijuana, is that it doesn’t make you feel like death waking up the next day. Your head hurts, and you will feel nauseous and your stomach will feel sick.

When you smoke marijuana and go to bed, nothing bad happens but a good sleep. You then wake up the next day feeling like new and ready to start the day.

Isn’t that what we would all want after a night of partying?

5. You won’t want to punch someone in the face

When people are way too drunk, and get pissed off, fights ensue. Alcohol has led to misinterpretations and fights.

When you are high, all you will want to do is pig out on a chocolate cake or bowl of mac and cheese.

You will only face frustration when you drop your weed (which I have done) or run out of it (the worst). Weed smokers are happier and jovial in nature, so hanging with them means you get the munchies and a ton of laughs and memories. 

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