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5 Research Doctors Dead or Missing After Discovering THIS About Vaccines!

Groundbreaking medical discoveries and advancements seem to be appearing all the time. Scientists and researchers are encouraged to push forward and push the boundaries of what is achievable in the interest of public health.

Well, at least that’s how the story goes…

What’s really happening is that discoveries are only praised and encouraged if they fit into the rhetoric of the government led medical industry. If a discovery falls outside of the bracket, it is often met with derision or even worse.

There have been recent reports from a  few natural doctors and their families after learning just how bad their fate could be when after they discovered a link between vaccines and cancer.

What is Happening?

It all started on June 19th, 2015 when Dr. Bradstreet was found dead with a single fatal gunshot wound to his chest. Investigators later declared the death was a manifest of suicide. Dr. Bradstreet never displayed suicidal tendencies according to his friends and family

It was only 2 days later when Dr. Holt and Dr. Hedendal from Florida were also found dead under suspicious circumstances. The family members and friends of the dcotrs still do not know the truth about their deaths.

Dr. Theresa Sievers, whom her community referred to as the “Mother Teresa of South Florida” was also found murdered in her home on June 29th. Investigators have suggested that it was a targeted kill.

On the very same day, Dr. Whiteside, a Wisconsin doctor simply vanished when he was out walking.

Dr. Fitzpatrick, who went missing on July 3rd after he was traveling from North Dakota to Montana. Investigators have found his truck but to this day there is still no sign of him.

Dr Holt, 33

When you realize just how potentially disruptive these doctor’s finding were, you begin to see a pattern emerge..

The Big Riddle reported that the doctors who went missing or were found dead were readying themselves to break the news about the presence of nagalese in common vaccines.

This news was eventually broken by Dr. Ted Broer. It took his team an whole hour to get their broadcast to air because it was repeatedly brought down.

When he finally made it on air, he warned his listeners:

“I am in not suicidal in anyway.”

Dr. Broer was understandably nervous that his fate would be that of his holistic colleagues who had been killed or abducted as a result of their discoveries.

He wanted listeners to know that if he were to die, it would not be by his own hand and if anything was to happen to him then there was something lurking in the darkness

Listen to the broadcast from Dr. Broer below. He explains the controversial findings and the circumstances surrounding the demise of his colleagues.

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