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3 Things That Happen When You Stay Together “For The Kids”

By now you likely know that almost half of all American marriages come to an end in divorce. But what if sometimes that’s for the better?

When couples stay together “for the kids,” it isn’t always the best thing. We’re here with three reasons why.

1. Your Children Will Internalize Your Behavior Towards One Another.

While this obviously isn’t your intention, children naturally mimic the adults in their lives. If your relationship with their other parent isn’t good, why would they be developing good relationships with others, including their siblings? Keep in mind that your life acts as a blueprint for them.

2. Resentments Will Build – And Not Only Between Yourself And Your Partner.

Children will always find someone to blame. It may be you. It may be your spouse. It may be an unrelated scapegoat. But just as often, they blame themselves for your frustrated relationship with their other parent – which can lead to a lifetime of self-esteem issues and worse.

3. Your Children Will Be Living In A Place Of Conflict.

Children pick up on tension. It affects them everyday, whether you want it to or not. And that tension is less likely to make your children feel safe at home – which is what you want, isn’t it?

So instead of staying together “for the kids,” you and your spouse should own when something isn’t working. Help your children learn to never settle for less than the best in their own relationships.

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