You Can Now Keep Bees As Indoor Pets With The ‘BEEcosystem’

For those of us that would love to help bees, but have no idea where to start, BEEcosystem is here to help.

The team has come up with a modular indoor beehive, where the colony is already established when it is shipped to you, taking out most of the guesswork that trips up most people.

The hexagonal cedar observational hive is “small enough to be manageable in non traditional beekeeping spaces,” but also large enough to produce cut-comb honey. 

The viewing window on the hive allows people to see the bees at work on the hive.

It also comes with red light filters, which help the bees maintain their natural circadian rhythms regardless of what is going on in the room around them, and has a transfer tube for sliding windows, so you can let bees in and out as you need. 

Additionally, as the hive is modular, you can add more modules as the colony may need to expand.

Even better, the system is super user-friendly, as the bees come pre-installed. All you need to do is mount the hive, and the brackets to do so come with when it ships. 

It's self-cleaning, so all you need to do is pull out the debris drawer occasionally, and it has a top feeder so you can feed the bees as needed.

Beecosystem does note that while the hive will produce honey, that's not it's intended goal. Rather, these modules are designed to help people build relationships with bees - which is a pretty cool goal!

Learn more in the video below:

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You Can Now Keep Bees As Indoor Pets With The ‘BEEcosystem’ You Can Now Keep Bees As Indoor Pets With The ‘BEEcosystem’ Reviewed by matt on 15:35:00 Rating: 5
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