Two thousand people march against Monsanto and Syngenta in Switzerland

On Saturday, May 20, 2017, the 3rd March Against Monsanto and Syngenta was held in Basel, Switzerland, which is where chemical giant Syngenta is based in. 

Two thousand people had came to protest peacefully against GMOs, patents on seeds, and toxic pesticides. They protested for a better, diverse agriculture and food security over profit. 

The march had ended right at the Syngenta Headquarters and musicians, street artists, and children dressed as bees had tagged along too. Fern Rosenstiel, an environmental scientist from Kauai, Hawaii had talked about the usage of toxic pesticides (those that are banned in Switzerland) in Hawaii at the Syngenta test fields there. 

She says: 

“Syngenta must finally take responsibility for the health problems in Hawaii.”

March against Monsanto and Syngenta Basel

In Hawaii, Syngenta is under legal scrutiny and in a legal battle with he state over the farming of GM crops. Now, they are working on selling there operations in the state as a result.

This year’s protest largely focused on rising market power within the agrochemical industry. Along with the purchase of Syngenta by ChemChina and the merger of Dupont and Dow, Bayer is scheming to take over Monsanto. These three would have a 60% monopoly over the commercial pesticide and seed market. 

March against Monsanto and Syngenta Basel

“Syngenta is now Chinese but that does not mean that our resistance against the business practice of Syngenta stops now,” said Ueli Gähler from Multiwatch. “Today, we protest in solidarity with smallholders in China and the rest of the world.”

Over 50 organizations from Germany and Switzerland had helped with sponsoring the event ,including the Green Party, Basel Unions, and agricultural, developmental, and environmental organizations like Uniterre, SWISSAID and Greenpeace.

From the event’s organizing committee, Zöe Roth said it well:

“The high turnout at the March against Monsanto and Syngenta in Basel confirms the desire for ecological farming.”

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