Shock Study Reveals Women Store DNA From Every Male They Have Sex With

Women have been taught to watch how many partners they have a sexual relationship with due to the risk of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). 

Now, studies are showing that sexual partners leave traces of themselves in women. Scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research and The University of Seattle have published a study that concluded that women take in living DNA from the men they have sexual intercourse with. Scary isn't it? 

The scientists were studying whether a woman pregnant with a son could be increasingly susceptible to diseases found commonly in men. This study discovered two interesting things: first, women can absorb DNA her whole life that can work to change her health and appearance. 

Its even found that women with more sex partners have a difference in appearance than they once had. Secondly, it was found that single mothers have DNA from their children living in their bodies. 

This also goes for when a man has sex with a single mom. The new children will receive the DNA from the mother’s child. reports that women absorb Y-chromosome genes from male sperm through sexual intercourse, which explains why a woman with a high pitch has more masculine traits. Felix Le Dantec, a French biologist and philosopher, spoke about this topic in 199 in his work “Individual Evolution, Heredity, and Neo-Darwinists.”

He even brought up many facts that demonstrate Telegony. He had written about a farmer who told him his swine had sex with a boar and the pigs looked similar in color. Although, when the same swine had intercourse with another boar, some of the second group of pigs has similar color of the male pig the swine first had sex with.

He emphasized that Lord Morton, who first bred a mare and a zebra, formed a hybrid. Next he interbred the same mare with a horse, asn raw colt had lines similar to the zebra. 

Research points that a man looking to reproduce with a woman should ask her about her past lovers, He should be aware of her past lovers as their genetics will be carried on to his offspring.

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