New Chemo-free treatment uses body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells

Chemotherapy will soon be phased out as a new form of treatment has been discovered. 

Researchers have found a revolutionary therapy that could use the body’s immune system to counterattack cancerous cells, which is highly successful than toxic chemotherapy used today. 

It was reported by Natural News that scientists from out of the, in New York, had managed to successfully conduct an experiment involving the new treatment method. 

Sixteen patients with leukemia had no form of treatment available, volunteered to be in the experiment and undergone “targeted T cell therapy.” Luckily, the therapy wiped out cancer cells in many patients. 

An expert contributor from CBS News, Dr. David Agus, who leads the Westside Cancer Center at the University of Southern California, calls the team work “remarkable.” 

The senior author of the study, Dr. Renier Brentjens, an oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, is optimistic about their findings and have faith in the future. As told by Dr. Brentjens to HealthDay News,“First and foremost, we’ve shown that this isn’t a fluke. This is a reliable result.” He notes that even though research is preliminary, he believes it provides a great start. Out of the 16 participants, 14 were able to go into remission. 

If patients with aggressive leukemia don’t undergo a bone marrow transplant, the cancer will come back. With that, only patients who have had cancer cells removed from their bloodstream can undergo the transplant. The new T-cell therapy brings good results and many patients saw their blood become free of cancer cells, giving them the go-ahead for a bone marrow transplant. After the transplant, patients are essentially cured of the horrible disease. 

This proves essentially that you do not need chemotherapy, a poison, to clear your body of cancer cells. It’s better to refuse chemotherapy, and prevention is the best course of action. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet will also help fight cancer before it ramps up.

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