Luffa Gourds: How to Grow Your Own Sponges!

Are you tired of buying dish sponges and body poufs all the time? Many people don’t know how easy it is to grow your own luffa gourds.

It's actually incredibly easy - and we're here to tell you how!

The glorious sponges pictured above are actually a plant product–even though many people incorrectly think that these are an animal called the sea cucumber!

In fact, luffa gourds are related to the cucumber plant, and are just as simple to grow in your typical summer garden.

You can start them from seed, and give them a trellis or wire structure to climb. They will take off without too much effort in most southern climates.

Luffa plants are a long season annual that will grow in zones 7 or warmer.

A few plants will give you all the sponges and scrubbers you’ll need for a year or more!

Many thanks to Homestead Guru for the great tip!

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