Grow Your Own All Organic Food With the PermaCube

In America, about 90 percent of Americans used to grow some of their food. Now, the number is at a measly 10 percent. 

The shift has cost us our overall health, but one company is taking the stand to fight this. Americans have changed from a farm-growing lifestyle to a more industrialized one. Now, our wallets, health, lives, and independence are taking the brunt of it all. 

PermaCube helps to give people more control over their food needs and energy production. PermaCube offers you a fresh homemade garden that is free of GMOs. 

It is almost impossible to grow your own vegetable supply around the country and world. People are becoming increasingly reliant on supermarkets and local grocers to maintain their supply of food. Despite most of the food being shipped across the world, some don’t always contain healthy, fresh ingredients.

Not all of it is free of GMOs and organically sourced. The PermaCube system has all it needs to provide the energy and food a 4-6 person family would need to survive. 

Permacube is powered by solar energy and mixing hydroponics and aquaculture. The neat contraption offers self-reliance, clean water, energy, food and sustainability, and all to help keep you independent of the supermarket chains.

The PermaCube contains a filtration system and atmospheric water generator that will consistently supply you with clean, fresh water. With these two, fish, vegetables from the hydroponic garden, and chickens with their eggs will give you around $1200-1400 of GMO-free, fresh food at no cost, and all from your own backyard. 

Growing and producing your own food is essential to human survival and without this skill, the human race would go extinct. Growing your own food is important as it maintains your health and best of all, you won't be ingesting poisons.

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