Four-Minutes-a-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than a Month

For many of us, finding time to exercise is difficult, which can make weight loss programs even harder. Fortunately, we're here with an exercise that can return impressive results within a month - and in only four minutes a day!

That exercise? A simple exercise called a plank. In addition to helping build strength, doing a plank each day will also help you increase your energy and endurance.

While you shouldn't expect to see results immediately, if you keep it up every day for a month, you'll certainly notice the difference by month's end. Even better, this plan is designed to ease you into planks, decreasing the risk that you'll burn out by the end of the first week.

Check out the plan below:

Day 1 — 20 seconds
Day 2 — 20 seconds
Day 3 — 30 seconds
Day 4 — 30 seconds
Day 5 — 40 seconds
Day 6 — Rest
Day 7 — 45 seconds

Day 8 — 45 seconds
Day 9 — 60 seconds
Day 10 — 60 seconds
Day 11 — 60 seconds
Day 12 — 90 seconds
Day 13 — Rest
Day 14 — 90 seconds

Day 15 — 90 seconds
Day 16 — 120 seconds
Day 17 — 120 seconds
Day 18 — 150 seconds
Day 19 — Rest
Day 20 — 150 seconds
Day 21 — 150 seconds

Day 22 — 180 seconds
Day 23 — 180 seconds
Day 24 — 210 seconds
Day 25 — Rest
Day 26 — 210 seconds
Day 27 — 240 seconds
Day 28 — As long as you can!

But how do you do the plank? As an exercise, it's especially important that you keep good form to gain maximum benefits from planking.

First, position your hands beneath you so that your elbows are directly beneath your shoulders, as this helps ensure appropriate weight distribution. Take care to ensure that your spine stays straight; if you can do them next to a mirror, this sometimes helps you if you need to check your form. 

This is especially important, as rounding your spine can put unnecessary pressure on your neck and back. As for your legs, keep them just slightly apart so you feel it a little in your thighs while being able to maintain the position. Lastly, keep your breathing even and your body as relaxed as you can - and that's it!

We bet you'll be amazed at the differences you feel by the end of the month!

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