Cleansing The Body of Parasites

Its fact that the human body can host over 130 different types of parasites, and the infections can be rarely noticeable and minor to life-threatening. 

You are most likely wondering what a parasite is. A parasite is a cell that lives in or on another organism or body of another species to protect and feed it without providing any benefit to your health, and cause major bodily damage. 

Experts say around 50 million Americans and more are infected with protozoans or worms, and many other types of parasites. 

About half of the US water supply is contaminated with a parasite, Giardia Lamblia, which is a protozoan. Chlorination isn’t the best method to exterminate it and it’s responsible for over 2 million reported cases of infections by the CDC. 

You might be saying to yourself “Are you crazy; how can I have a parasite?, I keep clean, I am healthy” but that wouldn’t prevent you from contracting a parasitic infection. Where do parasites come from? They come off your pets after you kiss, and sleep with them. They are also found within smoked or raw fish. You can get them off your cat, dog, toilets, gardens, horses, water, contaminated food dispensers at grocery stores or restaurants. I’m sure you send your pets tot he veterinarian to receive shots and be checked up on. 

There are also kennels, horse farms, and cattleman that have yearly programs involving parasite blood tests and deworming. In a few countries, children are subjected to annual infection blood tests. The US ignores this threat and treats it by using conventional means to treat the symptoms only. 

At one time, strong chemicals were able to eliminate parasites but also poisoned you, even if you survived the infection. We can turn to alternative medicine like herbs. There are actually a few herbs that are parasite-repellant and safe for humans. Parasites aren’t made to oil humans, but strip you clean of all nutrition and cause malfunction in body organs leading to symptoms of disease. Symptoms from everyday like headaches, gas, bloating, premature aging, anemia, chronic fatigue and constipation can point to a parasite infection. CDC research across the country discovered that over the past 25 years 1 in 6 people has one or more parasites. 

There was one suggestion where you eat apples to cure yourself from a parasite infection. The Apple Diet is a simple one week plan that can detoxify your body. The first four days is a cleansing period, so here is a few tips to begin with.

Eat lots of organic apples and apple juice to fill you up and drink water to help eliminate toxins and parasites from the body. Starting on the 3rd and 4th day, take garlic capsules (parasites hate garlic). After, eat papayas or drink papaya juice. You can also drink many cups of Senna herbal tea and/or peppermint herbal tea. Pumpkin seeds one tablespoon of castor or olive oil can also help the body rid itself of parasites. 

Do this for the last three days of that week by consuming garlic and onions in whole grain rice or quinoa with a leafy, green salad. Don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking water. It is imperative that you cleanse your body of toxins and parasites, as they will leave you very ill and fatigued. Avoid junk food, sweets and dairy, which help to energize and feed parasites. 

There are other teas or herbs that are an alternative like basil or fennel tea, cayenne in capsules, olive leaf, oregano capsules or extract, or milk thistle extract can help to cleanse the liver. Other remedies used to eliminate parasites are wormwood, cloves and black walnut hulls.

They aid the liver in purging the buildup of toxins from parasites and other chemicals. The body’s toxins go straight to the liver first before traveling into the intestines. If you feel bloated or as if you didn’t fully cleanse your body of the toxins, I suggest a homeopathic Ipecac or aloe leaf. Drink slippery elm tea with magnesium to detoxify your bowels. Grapefruit seed is efficient in killing parasites, and is so powerful, so a little is needed. 

After you have finished your detox I suggest you strengthen your immunity with Echinacea extract, a Mushroom Immune complex, and vitamin B complex to stabilize your intestinal health. Slowly bring foods back into your diet and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. You will feel like a brand new person when the parasites and toxins are gone from the body.

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