Baking Soda and Castor Oil Can Heal The Body

Those who know about naturopathy, know that castor oil helps to enhance the strength of our immune system by producing more white blood cells to heal infections. 

It has been found that castor oil can increase the amount of T-11 cells (Type of white blood cells) and lymphocyte production in the blood within a few hours after application. 

This stimulates the production of antibodies as well as eliminates bacteria, fungi, cancer cells and viruses. The oil can also work to enhance blood flow, improve lymphatic drainage and thymus gland health. In some researches, it was found that patients who used castor oil, shown increased production of lymphocytes compared to those who used placebo. 

Our body has a disease-fighting agent that works to fight off foreign toxins and bacteria: lymphocytes. Our lymphatic system has a vital role in the circulatory and digestive systems, which is how it works to detox your body, enhancing cardio health and eliminate problems in the digestive tract.

Today, the mainstream health community looks down its nose at alternative health practices and methods because they wouldn’t be making a profit. They make a huge profit when we are sick and need surgery. 

We are going to present to you what castor oil can treat and how simple it is to make. Castor oil is well known for its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Baking soda is also used, and is a powerful healing agent. When mixed with castor oil, they create a combined healing effect.

Castor Oil Pack Recipe


Baking soda
Cold pressed castor oil

Start by heating the oil before mixing the baking soda in. Once heated up, mix the baking soda in really well to make a paste. Clean the affected area first before applying warm paste on the gauze to soak. Then apply to skin. Use plastic foil to seal and wrap it up with a towel for 60 minutes. 

  1. Dr. William A. McGarey says castor oil can be of great help in the health issues listed below:
  2. It speeds up the healing process of burns, cuts, and bruises. 
  3. Apply a coating of castor oil to an injured ankle to speed up healing.
  4. Massage castor oil to stretch marks on the stomach to reduce appearance and prevent them.
  5. Mix baking soda with castor oil and apply to your ice to eliminate dark spots.
  6. Pouring 1 drop of castor oil in your eyes before going to bed can help treat cataracts.
  7. Apply castor oil to your neck to help treat chronic coarseness and vocal cord nodules.
  8. Castor oil can remove pilonidal cysts.
  9. Castor oil can work to relieve eye allergies. Apply a few drops on the eyelids before bedtime. 
  10. 5 drops of castor oil daily can weaken allergy symptoms.
  11. Consuming 2-3 drops of castor oil daily can reduce you cravings for alcohol and nicotine.
  12. Rubbing castor oil in your hair daily can work to increase hair growth. 
  13. A couple drops of castor oil can improve your hearing.
  14. Have a sore, achy back? Apply a coating of castor oil to the pained site for relief.
  15. Consuming 6-8 drops of castor oil in a duration of 4 months can fight off tinnitus. 
  16. Applying a layer of castor oil over your stomach can help to reduce diarrhea symptoms. 
  17. Castor oil can help fight fungal infections, especially athlete’s foot. Apply a coating each day on your feet.
  18. When it comes to warts, you can rub them off with castor oil for a little over a month. 
  19. Massaging your soles with castor oil can reduce calcium deposits.
  20. The oil can work to rid you of any moles. Apply oil to the mole for 30 days. 
  21. Feeling hyper? Apply castor oil to your stomach.
  22. Castor oil is an effective alternative remedy to treat hepatitis.
  23. For 15 days, apply the oil to your stomach to stop snoring.
  24. Mixing the oil with baking soda will fight off cancer.
  25. Applying the oil to itchy, swelled up bug bites can relieve the affected area.

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