Your Electricity Company Fears this Man

We all know that power - and more particularly electricity - is the key to a sustainable and democratic future.

“It’s well known that many wars are fought over resources, many times oil and other energy bases. Electricity is arguably the most essential staple for human survival; because with enough electricity, water can literally be extracted from thin air, which can then be used to plant and water crops.

With enough electricity, nearly all of humanity’s needs can be met.

Centralized energy, like most of us have now, is inherently dangerous to a free society. It can fluctuate, prices can be raised, and grids can be shut down or get damaged by natural disasters. 

The move toward localized production of electricity, then, is a move towards freedom, security, and democracy. Autonomous energy production is the precursor to an autonomous free society. The secondary effect of increased use of renewable energy is, of course, cleaner air and less pollution. 

We have all the reasons in the world to support this exciting new development.”

And steps toward that sustainable future are already here.

Consider Doug Coulter of Floyd, Virginia - who's working out of his home work shop, which he refers to as the "box full of creative chaos" - where he continues innovating and inventing as part of a "libertarian communist" community.

In particular, he's working to solve the world's electricity. As he says, “If this works, I’m about to anger several trillion dollar a year businesses.”

In particular, Doug claims to be on the verge of cracking what has stumped scientists for decades: nuclear fusion. 

Doug runs an open source forum for scientists and engineers, where he got much of the research needed to crack this priceless problem. He says that once his nuclear fusion reactor is complete, it too will be open source so that anyone living anywhere will have access to the technology. Watch this video to see what he is up to:

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