You Can Spot Any Psychopath By Looking For These 5 Warnings...

If you haven’t watched Psycho or American Psycho, you will still know the term ‘psychopath,’ either from hearing it in the media or in movies etc. 

The thought of these people living in society makes us feel wary. Psychopaths are devoid of emotion, with superior manipulation abilities for the sake of doing it. Hollywood doesn’t portray psychopaths correctly compared to how they are in reality. Today, many psychopaths are living unknown to us and live amongst us. Not all of them are murderers and criminals of any sort. 

A lot of research has found 1-in-100 people in the world are a psychopath. Even when the signs on the list are present, you should also look into these features that are more revealing than others. 

Here are 5 most accurate signs that someone has psychopathic tendencies:

1. They tend to have enchanting personalities.

Psychopaths come off so sneakily charming and too good to be true. Subconsciously, they are motivated to examine methods of approaching others as trustworthy, benign, friendly, and charming. This deceptive practice enables for the psychopath to get comfortable with the person, and make them feel safe to be open around them. Once any weakness is shown, the psychopath will manipulate that person to their own benefit. Psychopaths don’t always have conscious intent to do this. 

This tactic of manipulation is a skill psychopaths are proficient in, and with a friendly look, the person is deceived. This is a major reason why many psychopaths are in upper level professional jobs. 

If someone comes off too nice to be true, and overly charming, think twice and keep your wall up. 

2. They are pathological liars.

Psychopaths are great at lying and will never hold themselves accountable to it, whether it hurts you or not. They chronically lie regardless of whether or not they benefit from it. They do this to give them some form of power and control by keeping people naive of the truth. This is what psychopaths crave. They will not place guilt and lying together as they are detached from human emotion, making it so easy from them to do. 

If you are being lied to constantly, or seomebody you know is, even when there is no reason to, be aware that they could have psychopathic tendencies. 

3. They value themselves far above other people.

Psychopaths are majorly pretentious, and deem themselves as ‘superior’ or ‘better’ than others they are surrounded by daily. This feeling of inferiority prevents them from feeling any guilt when they dump or manipulate someone. A psychopath will view a person as a play toy rather than a human being. They cannot stand people who run by emotions, and lack total compassion for others around them. 

If you meet someone who projects themselves as superior, rarely compassionate, and is annoyed by those who have issues, are mostly a psychopath to avoid. 

4. They will make you feel guilty or like you owe them a favor. 

Psychopaths will find out bits and pieces of people, and their personality and behavior. They then utilize all of this to get absorbed into your trust bubble. They are great at perceiving clues of a persons specific weaknesses and use it control that individual. It isn’t just about control. Power is utilized to make sure everything goes according to them. It is essentially a way for them to get what they want. They will use guilt to receive favors from you. 

Psychopaths project entitlement of favors from a person, and they ‘collect’ it all. This is why psychopaths do so well in work advancement opportunities within major organizations. As an estimate, about 3-4% of upper management is occupied by psychopaths. 

If you feel someone is getting too close to you unnaturally by using, emotions, details and things you never told them, rethink whether or not they should be in your life. If they play guilt on you to get what they want or act like you owe them a favor, they could be a psychopath. 

5. They don’t feel guilt or empathy. 

Psychopaths do not feel any remorse or guilt for anyone they hurt or manipulate. They will work to pull strings with people, and being detached from human emotion, they will assess how they perform the manipulation as if it is a scientific observation. This separation helps to keep them detached from processing emotions such as empathy. They will notice someone is upset, but will not care about it like others essentially would. 

If you are around someone who lacks empathy and guilt, you could be around a psychopath. 

You might be concerned as people, or yourself, can sometimes fit into a few traits of psychopaths. Be aware, that these traits are in psychopaths when together. It is imperative that you watch who you open up to and let into your life. Especially those who actively exhibit these traits on a daily basis. 

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