This New Label On Food Will Keep You From Getting Poisoned By Monsanto's Weedkiller

Regulars here know how we feel about glyphosate and Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller. Did you know, though, that there's now a way to ensure it isn't in your food?

It's true. While tests have shown that glyphosate is present in a wide range of foods, a new labeling project courtesy The Detox Project is helping consumers determine which foods they can be sure are safe.

The FDA and USDA (who are in charge of regulating the safety of our food) are not testing food for glyphosate. This is a real problem.

The only way to find out if the food you are buying contains glyphosate had been to literally send it to a lab and get it tested. It’s ridiculous. We are totally in the dark and have no clue whether the food we are buying is tainted with this poison. There could be an insane amount of glyphosate in the food we are eating every day, and we’d never know.

Thankfully, a BRAND NEW FOOD LABEL just launched that will give us all what we are asking for – the “Glyphosate Residue Free” label by The Detox Project!

Although we already have the Non-GMO Project label to avoid GMOs, that’s the only information that it provides. The “Non-GMO Project” label only verifies that a product doesn’t contain GMOs. While that is good, it’s limited to GMOs only and unfortunately won’t tell you if those non-GMO Cheerios you are buying are free of glyphosate.

The new Glyphosate Residue Free label takes this a step further and just offers more transparency and information about the food you are buying. This label applies to any GMO, non-GMO, or organic food. This is important because glyphosate doesn’t discriminate.

That’s why this label is such a game-changer. When brands start testing their food and finding glyphosate, they will take steps to clean up their supply chains. This will improve the integrity of the organic label and our food system as a whole.

We are working towards creating a safer food system for everyone. We should all feel like the food we are buying is safe and properly labeled.

The very first product to be verified “Glyphosate Residue Free” is Leaf & Love Organic Lemonade, which you can find at some natural grocery stores and also online. This is just the beginning and many more products are in the process of getting verified right now! 

ACTION: Ask your favorite food companies to get verified! Here’s how:

  • Contact them via email. This is the most effective way to reach them, so don’t skip this step! Send them a link to this post and ask them to get verified by The Detox Project here.
  • Post on their Facebook pages or Twitter feeds and send them a link to this post asking them to get verified.

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This New Label On Food Will Keep You From Getting Poisoned By Monsanto's Weedkiller This New Label On Food Will Keep You From Getting Poisoned By Monsanto's Weedkiller Reviewed by matt on 10:45:00 Rating: 5
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