Smart Meter Scam Exposed In University Study

What exactly is a smart meter and the scam behind it?

A major “smart meter scam” has been discovered by a study conducted in a university, that looked into consumer energy, and exploits how customers are being overcharged by 582% for their electricity bill, with their individual data is collected and sold to the bidder with the most money in their pocket. 

 In the Netherlands, the University of Twente lead a study into the nine popular smart meter devices that are in place within the UK and the US, that the abuse of this technology has affected over 65 million installations within the US, and 57 million of them were in US households.

A worrying fact is that the US government intends to put in place smart meters in every household by 2020. Reported by YNW: These meters give many benefits to power companies, often giving a mass amount of remote access and tools to monitor the energy grid and reduce meter reading truck rolls. Consumer benefits haven’t been recognized, including interference with home routers in some households, as well as the fact that some models are able to be easily hacked. 

The results of that study have now been released by the University of Twente in the Netherlands that studied nine popular smart meters utilized in the United Kingdom and the United States, that concluded smart meters consistently overcharge consumers, and by jaw-dropping amounts. 

In the experiments (which were entirely reproducible), five of the nine smart meters gave readings that were much higher than the actual amount of power consumed. Indeed, in some setups, these were up to 582 percent higher.The inaccurate readings are attributed to the energy meter’s design, together with the increasing use of modern (often energy-efficient) switching devices.

Here, the electricity being consumed no longer has a perfect waveform, instead, it acquires an erratic pattern.

The designers of modern energy meters have not made sufficient allowance for switching devices of this kind.When they dismantled the energy meters tested, the researchers found that the ones associated with excessively high readings contained a ‘Rogowski Coil’ while those associated with excessively low readings contained a ‘Hall Sensor’. Frank Leferink (Professor of Electromagnetic Compatibility at the UT) points out that “The energy meters we tested meet all the legal requirements and are certified. These requirements, however, have not made sufficient allowance for modern switching devices.

Techdirt reports: Not just overcharging consumers, but the personal data thats being taken by utility companies from smart meters gives them a glimpse of your personal life (when you sleep, wake up, at home or out). 

We know its fact that it’s done with cellular location data, and when these utility companies have access, they sell YOUR personal data to third-parties who will take your data and use it for whatever they want. Outrage has been felt in local areas such as Naperville, Illinois, where, since 2011, opponents of smart meters have been rallying against the scamming devices:

“…Opponents say the meters provide so much information that everyone from cops to criminals to marketing departments can learn when people are home and what they do when they’re there. Last year, the anti-meter movement fell just short of collecting enough signatures to place a question on the ballot asking residents to decide whether the devices should be removed. They also have a pending federal lawsuit against the city alleging that their constitutional right to due process has been violated.“

So what can you do?

Research whether your home has a Rogowski Coil or a Hall Sensor in your smart meter. Make sure you do have a Hall Sensor as they are found to show lower energy consumption readings. Maintain your daily routine of speaking with electric utilities and cities to honor and respect consumer privacy. In Naperville and across the state of Illinois, lawsuits were filed demanding consumer privacy. The US Court of Appeals is, in fact, hearing a case similar to this one. There are cases of Privacy within your home, and fair energy consumption laws being heard already.

Original article by Neon Nettle.

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