Small Company Fights to Keep Cannabis Out Of Monsanto's Greedy Hands!

Phylos Bioscience is trying to prevent Monsanto from corrupting the marijuana industry. 

A small company named Phylos Bioscience is trying hard to prevent Monsanto from having the ability to corrupt it by competing patents by releasing the plant’s genomic structure to the public. 

Last year in August, federal officials silently approved a patent for a strain of THC-potent cannabis. 

Marijuana legalization is seeing huge changes in the right direction right after the current election. Although, a lot of people are concerned that this has opened the door for companies like Monsanto to eliminate any of its competitors with patents. 

Selling and distributing cannabis will become hectic in the following years ahead of us, due to profits within the industry expecting to hit a whopping $6.7 billion dollars this year alone, even with it being illegal in a handful of states.

Only 20% of America has legalized marijuana for recreational use, and this number will only increase as corporate interest does. In Portland, and independent starter-up is in the process of making marijuana’s genome available to the public to reduce the impact from patents and to prevent the plant’s genome from being exploited by corporations like Monsanto. 

Phylos Bioscience introduced an interactive guide online that helps to map put the genomic structure of cannabis, and its genetic evolution. Mapping out the plant’s evolution will protect certain strains of marijuana that are within the public knowledge from being patented by corporations like Monsanto, Syngenta, and Bayer.

In the past two years alone, Phylos Bioscience has accrued a variety of samples from different strains of marijuana, which allowed the DNA sequence in each strain to startup. 

The company then introduced a software program designed to visualize data. The starter company named ‘Galaxy.’ Galaxy offers users the ability to examine DNA sequences in each plant through the plants offspring and/or parents. Plants similar to each other are placed together while larger groups are labeled by color into “tribes” based on where they originated from.

Phylos Bioscience’s Galaxy could bring stability into the marijuana industry, which is starting to bloom into a commercial market open to the public. 

The Sales and Marketing manager, Carolyn White, says they only hope that they can retrieve every bit of genetic data from marijuana to keep it from being exploited.

She says: 

Sample collection was a huge part of this process. One side was a collaboration with growers, dispensaries and labs to collect modern samples, and the other a process of hunting down ancient landrace strains from all over the world.

Phylos introduced a commercial sequencing product, known as “Phylos Genotype” that would give people the ability to send over a sample to test its genetics. The data from the sample would be added into the database of Galaxy and the customer would receive a in-depth look at what strain they have.

Thankfully, we have many on our side who want to protect marijuana from corporations that want to exploit it for corporate greed. 

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