HYPOCRISY! DEA Approves Synthetic THC Drug

There is a new synthetic drug on the market and it mimics that of marijuana.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has approved Syndros, a cannabis-based medication manufactured by a pharmaceutical company named Insys Therapeutics. 

Syndros is a synthetic form of THC thats used to treat vomiting and nausea, which come as a side effect from chemotherapy. Last summer, Syndros was pre-approved by the FDA to treat patients with side effects such as weight loss, nausea and vomitting from AIDS and cancer. 

The approval from the DEA ensures Syndros a placement in Schedule II of the Controlled Substance Act, further implying that it has a “high potential for abuse.” Drugs such as heroin, morphine, cocaine, and other description painkillers are within this category. 

The company donated $500,000 last year in September to squash Arizona’s cannabis legalization campaign. Yet, the company received approval from the DEA for its cannabis-based drug. This happened despite the company’s effort to oppose the cannabis legalization measure last year. 

They opposed the legalization measure because it failed in protecting minors and the citizens of Arizona. Now, those who smoke cannabis recreationally in the state of Arizona are given felony charges for even possessing the smallest amount of it.

Insys may view it as a public safety concern, but their strategies in marketing Subsys, a fentanyl-containing medication that is highly addictive and strong, are very aggressive and say different. 

This all translates out to the pharmaceuticals wanting to completely eliminate any competition and especially a non-pharmaceutical market that’s extremely effective and non-toxic. If our world switched its dependence on Big pharmaceuticals to alternative medicine, they would lose significant amounts of revenue.

Despite no overdoses on cannabis consumption to date, thousands die each year to prescription opiate overdoses in America.

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