Hunter Killed After Shot Elephant Falls Over And Crushes Him

Our planet’s wildlife has taken so much abuse from humanity, that its no wonder that animals are fighting back. 

We overfeed and kill too many, so when they get tired of it all they’ll fight us. Theunis Botha, a big game hunter, learned this the fatal way. 

Theunis and his colleagues were walking around the Zimbabwean village of Gwai, when they came across a herd of breeding elephants. The elephants recognized the group of humans as a potential threat and bolted right towards them. 

Theunis let off 1-2 shots from his rifle, while the elephants ambushed him from the side. One of the elephants went after him, and with her trunk, she tossed him in the air.

A hunter thought it would be smart to fire a shot at the elephant to drop Theunis and run to safety. It wasn’t technically a good idea on his part, as the elephant came tumbling to the ground and Theunis was crushed by the immense weight. Hunting big game has been receiving quite the uproar for many rational reasons. 

Despite the controversy, many argue that there is some environmental benefits to regulating hunting, when really it consists of eliminating species that are already close to extinction. The destruction of habitats, poaching and legal hunting is only making things worse. 

The fight wasn’t equal or just. The elephants weren’t expecting to see any humans sneaking up on them. When armed, they are equipped with cars, long distance rifles, and even a helicopter sometimes.

There is no excuse for killing an innocent animal for fun, even when they are helpless. The death of the hunter should prove that you need to rethink hunting big game. They will fight back and you have to expect that despite having the guns to kill it. Sometimes the animal wins, sometimes it loses the battle. 

Theunis Botha, from South Africa, was a renowned hunter in the area, and would travel to America to persuade affluent Americans to have a part in big game hunting. He would often be out hunting with his dogs.

This wasn’t the only death from hunting big game this year. Scott van Syl, a friend of Theunis, was searching for big game in Zimbabwe, in April when he was brutally attacked by a pack of crocodiles on the shores of the Limpopo River.

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