Grenfell Tower: British MP Claims Fire was an Inside Job

Already the claims of cover-up are coming forward in the case of the Grenfell Tower - and the man making the claim may surprise you.

Labor Party MP David Lammy says contractors at the site are "deliberately destroying" evidence from the fire, documents have been destroyed, and whistleblowers threatened with lawsuits - all signs that point to a cover-up.

Already, evidence suggests he may be right, as it's clear that authorities have grossly underreported the number of fatalities, saying 58 died, even as independent sources put the total at much more in the neighborhood of five to six hundred.

"Within the community, trust in the authorities is falling through the floor and a suspicion of a cover-up is rising,” said Lammy, who lost a close friend in the fire,  in an interview with Sky News.

“The Prime Minister needs to act immediately to ensure that all evidence is protected so that everyone culpable for what happened at Grenfell Tower is held to account and feels the full force of the law,” he added.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has already called on the government to conduct an investigation into reports that Gavin Barwell, the former housing minister who was recently appointed as the Prime Minister’s adviser, had failed to OK a fire safety review request he had received.

Meanwhile Theresa May and others are under fire for their orders to evacuate survivors to areas nowhere near their homes.

It certainly seems as though something strange is afoot.

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