Google's AI Has Just Created Its Own AI...

Google is doing pretty well when it involves designing artificial intelligence. DeepMind, its famous neural network, can “dream” and recognize the benefits of betrayal. 

It even outsmarts humans at the complex game, Go. Google is determined to show off its new invention. 

At Google’s I/O 2017 conference just last week, the CEO Sundar Pichai had something to say on AutoML, another neural network process that creates many layers of complex algorithms and codes to “learn” the nature of its environment. Each of these layers are parts of the Artificial Intelligence’s whole, and have to be made entirely by people. 

The process requires a bit of times to complete. Then, Google came up with a genius idea of giving the current AI the ability to make its own layers of code, and it works. The AI is doing this at a quicker pace and is much more effective than technicians thought. 

Google’s Artificial Intelligence is its own maker. Researchers created a blog comparing a child to the AI, with consideration from the previous AI’s parents.

“A controller neural net can propose a ‘child’ model architecture, which can then be trained and evaluated for quality on a particular task,” they write.

Whatever the task, it is monitored by the controlling AI throughout, and the feedback is used by the AI to improve the “child”.

“We repeat this process thousands of times – generating new architectures, testing them, and giving that feedback to the controller to learn from.”

The AutoML procedure has already been applied to language modeling and image recognition. With just the AI, the team observed by making programs that are on point with models made by world renowned experts on machine learning.

Even though human-made AI’s and AI-production have coding similarities, there are differences. Small subroutines have shown up in AI creations, that aren’t of any use to human coders.

The team suggests that self-coding could be placed the hands of inexperienced coders. With the start off of a “raw,” self-coding AI, it can receive simple commands, just like they’re making an “order” for a certain AI program. One button allows the AI to evolve itself, and in the process it creates the software the customer wants. 

The future is upon us and this invention is the beginning of the many innovations to come. Soon, Artificial Intelligence will be a huge part of our lives soon. 

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