Genetically engineered coconuts now invading U.S

We don’t necessarily think about genetically modified food and those that do, are avoiding them. 

Currently, there are more than 50 million tons of coconuts grown and produced annually. 80 percent of them originate from out of India, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. Is it possible that these coconuts could be taking in radiation that causes cancer, from the Fukushima nuclear plant leak in Japan? Do you check where your coconut water comes form? Well, that’s a small part in the search for toxins. 

Biotechnology firms have started to work in their own laboratories to make agronomic traits for coconuts, making them highly resistant to pests, mostly butterflies and moth larvae. Currently, Vietnam is starting to sell GMO coconuts in an effort to change the characteristics of fatty acid (the oil) composition. There are field experiments but Genetically modified coconuts have popped up in foods sold in America, especially in desserts. 

Research has claimed that genetically mutated coconuts are only in greenhouses and laboratories, yet it’s a huge lie. A dessert called flan, thats sold right here in America, and labels include genetically modified coconut. The label also says it was made in Bedford, Illinois. Sounds like a pretty huge field to have an experiment trial.

This field is extended from Vietnam to Illinois. The GM coconut is found in Raymundo’s Homestyle Classics Caramel Flan. The ingredients label lists what the product contains and it has sugar, water, modified food starch, eggs, milk, corn syrup, and "coconut produced with genetic engineering.”

Desserts in America already contain genetically modified coconuts

There are certain toxins found in coconuts that are found to kill butterflies and moths. This also poisons us and yet many are following the lies shoved down peoples throats by these biotechnology corporations. They are doing nothing but systematically poisoning our agriculture with their “insecticides, pesticides, fungicide and herbicide.”Organic coconuts are an abundant source of healthy fat, and is found to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Coconut oil along with organic avocado and olive oil, is a clean oil found to increase our life span. 

Coconut fat is found within chocolate coatings and chocolates. Coconut water is an excellent source of many essential vitamins. It also is a great source for drinking water in third-world countries, and in the US where fluoride is dumped into the water system. Coconut is also used in shampoos, creams, body oils, and soaps.

We can only imagine when these genetically modified coconuts will become mainstream such as GM soy, GM cottonseed, GM corn and GM canola. 

If you aren’t checking the labels on your food, then now is the time to start checking. 

Our desserts are meant to not poison us, but to taste sweet and delicious. They aren’t to be filled with radiation and GM ingredients. If you ingest carcinogenic herbicide and insecticide daily, then don’t say “why me?”

When you are handed the dark diagnosis of cancer. 95 percent of cancer cases are completely preventable. Always be sure to look at the label of the coconut water or flan to see if it is “genetically engineered” and “genetically modified.” 

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