Fukushima: Scientists Confirm Reactor Radiation Reached 'Unimaginable' Levels

Even years after the Fukushima nuclear plant disastrous meltdown, major problems are still arising.  

Scientists at the clean-up operation for the Fukushima nuclear reactor leak have warned levels of radiations have topped at “unimaginable levels” despite Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe’s lack of concern on the issue. Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has shown that radiation levels are now 100 times greater than what’s normally considered a huge threat to human and environmental safety, according to Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences. 

Many experts are worried TEPCO is failing to clean up the area as radiation levels are 7 times higher than the highest level noted back in the meltdown disaster in March of 2011. Newser reports: Exposure to 4 sieverts of radiation can kill up to half of the world’s population, according to Japan’s National Institute of Radiological Sciences, via Japan Times. This amount is exactly 1% less than the radiation level being detected in the destroyed nuclear reactor at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, reports Tokyo Electric Power.

The operator at Fukushima reports that they have calculated radiation of 530 sieverts per hour, with a low margin of error (30%) in the containment vessel of one out of the three reactors damaged in 2011. A level such as this is “unimaginable,” an expert says to Engadget and has not been this high.

The highest radiation level ever recorded has been 73 sieverts per hour, since the meltdown in March 2011. A rep reported that a hole in the metal grating under the reactor’s pressure vessel, which is mostly made of melted nuclear fuel, could be the culprit but "it is very difficult to assume the actual condition inside.”

There have been 5 robots sent down into the damaged reactor to examine the site of the melted fuel, and none have been able to withstand the radiation levels. Although, many officials are hopeful that they can build a robot able to handle being in 1,000 sieverts of radiation. The Guardian notes that removing fuel safely, thats thought to have been inside the pressure vessel, where the reactor is "represents a challenge unprecedented in the history of nuclear power.”

This disaster has to be cleaned up: The fuel is expected to be removed by 2018 as crews work to shutdown the plant a whopping cost of $187 billion. The Government of Japan has been accused of placing less importance of the environmental disaster by environmental groups who allege that government-paid scientists are deceiving the public about the levels of contamination to protect the countries economy. 

Azby Brown, an environmentalist who is a director of the Future Design Institute at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology and volunteer for the Safest independent radiations monitoring organization, spoke with DW and says;"Food is an area of great concern. There was no effort to either warn people of the contamination risk or to keep contaminated food off the market, and this was true for most countries."

"In terms of the ocean, this is definitely an environmental catastrophe, and it's still ongoing,""Most people either didn't know how high these levels were or didn't really care,""Contamination in the most seriously affected areas has been worse than a lot of things that have gone in the past.”

The West Coast of the US is already detecting radiation offshore as researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution found Cesium-134 when measuring samples of seawater from Gold beach and Tillamook Bay in Oregon. Fish infected by radiation have now been found in the Canadian and US food supply with environmental researchers warning that radiation from Fukushima has contaminated all of the Pacific Ocean. Experts are saying radiation levels are "unprecedented in the history of nuclear power,” and say cleanup operations could take decades to clean up from the disaster, and there will be long-term, irreversible damage to the environment.

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