Fentanyl Cut Into Cocaine Is Causing More Deaths Than Heroin

For some drug users, their next high may be their last - because of another drug cut in. 

That drug? The opioid fentanyl, which is increasingly finding it's way into other drugs, and causing a huge spike in overdoses.

Fentanyl is a potent drug - stronger than both heroin and morphine - and while it has uses as a legal painkiller, it's increasingly finding its way onto the street, as some dealers use it as a way to create less expensive stock that they then sell on the street at increased profit.

It's especially frequently being cut into cocaine, and has caused quite a spike in overdoses.

In 2016, 44% of 1,300 overdose deaths in New York City involved fentanyl. 37% of total overdose deaths involved cocaine and fentanyl without heroin, skyrocketing from 11% the previous year.

"All New Yorkers who use drugs, even if only occasionally, should know their drugs may be mixed with fentanyl," health commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett said in a statement.

Health officials across the country are releasing warnings of the danger of fentanyl-laced drugs, and investigators have since learned that fentanyl-laced drugs may have been the cause of musician Prince's death.

In New York city, health officials have even launched a mobile app to make it easier for users to find naloxone, an antidote for opioid overdose, without prescriptions.

"The destruction wrought by substance use disorder in our state is horrific; it's reaching pandemic levels with overdose deaths outpacing traffic deaths," said assembly team member Linda B. Rosenthal in a statement. "Fentanyl-laced cocaine is the latest front in this battle, and increased public consciousness of this new and growing threat is imperative."

To learn more, check out the video below:

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