FDA Bans Intravenous Vitamin C

We all are being fooled. 

Despite the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) main goal to ensure public health safety, they are heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. 

It’s assumed that the Food and Drug administration conspired a plan to create a shortage of intravenous vitamin C, in a desperate attempt to override any competition with its toxic, prescription drugs. 

Did the FDA do this as a deliberate on non-toxic, holistic alternatives to their products? 

A critical shortage of IV bags, generally, came right after the FDA’s ban on all production of intravenous vitamin C. The Food and Drug Administration imposed limits on IV-C availability, and the pharmaceutical industry stopped producing many injectable minerals and vitamins. 

This occurred following a 60-minute story about a swine flu patient's surprising recovery from being on life support. 

The shortage of IV-C forced doctors to call many pharmacies to make it for them. Then, the Food and Drug Administration implemented restrictions on compounding pharmacies after IV steroids made by the New England Compounding Center were tainted with fungus that sparked a deadly outbreak of meningitis. 

An example in the video below shows an example of an industry being penalized for their skeptical practices of one compounding pharmacy.

This story is complex: Doctors were supplied by NECC for its high-cost product due to cost-effective generics in minimal supplies. However, it was the FDA’s increased regulation of drug factories that interrupted the chain of supply. The FDA is liable for the deaths from meningitis because of that action they took.

Natural Blaze notes, “…without anyone noticing, and by many indirect means of banning production of the bags or shutting down those doing the production of the bags and the injectable vitamins and minerals, access to IV solutions for innumerable treatments for diseases, have gone into critical shortage.”

Vitamin C and the Big C

Can the FDA’s efforts to create a shortage in IV-C be out of spite to restrict alternative therapies for cancer?

DrWhitaker.com says,“… vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that has the power to boost immune function, increase resistance to infection, and protect against a wide range of diseases. But there’s an entirely different and largely unknown role of vitamin C, and that is its ability—when administered in very high doses by intravenous (IV) infusions—to kill cancer cells…

Best of all—and unlike virtually all conventional chemotherapy drugs that destroy cancer cells—it is selectively toxic. No matter how high the concentration, vitamin C does not harm healthy cells.”

Dr. Whitaker then says:“The only way to get blood levels of vitamin C to the concentrations required to kill cancer cells is to administer it intravenously. … For example, 10 g of IV vitamin C raises blood levels 25 times higher than the same dose taken orally, and this increases up to 70-fold as doses get larger.”

Choose health, choose life

Our bodies demand for vitamin C increases as its threatened by pathogens and needs to heal from infections, surgery or any other injury. Patients would have a better outcome when given consistent rounds of intravenous vitamin C. Being so cheap and affordable, this treatment would prove effective for every patient in hospitals across the country. When we take a look at infection risks from viral superbugs in hospitals today, IV vitamin C would be a perfect preventative option that entails common sense.

If you want to learn how to successfully attain IV-C before you stay at a hospital, take a look a this website that gives great advice: DoctorYourself.com. The site will teach you how to handle hospital administrators and doctors objections to your use of this “alt-health” medicine.

Obamacare supporters claim that affordable healthcare is a top concern. What’s even greater is being able to have a choice in your treatment methods, like IV-C. In layman’s term, medical freedom of choice affects access. Those who participate in the health freedom movement are upset over the lack of regard for our own right to our body by federal agencies like the FDA. Hopefully there will come a time when all of society will be aware, and stand up against elected officials by holding them accountable to pass policies that aren’t going to put profit over our wellbeing.

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