Chemicals, Vaccines, and Bill Gates: What You Need To Know About The Zika-Fear Campaign

Is the Zika virus just another hoax to push the agendas of Big Pharma companies?

The Zika virus has been around for over 70 years without leaving any birth defects from the virus. Zika is actually weaker and less common than the common flu, with symptoms like body aches, a small fever and other cold symptoms.

The fact of the matter is Big Chem has pesticides to sell and Big Pharma has a vaccine to push. Yet, so suddenly this disease is a threat to the public after being rarely present for many decades. 

Society has been deceived into thinking that saving our lives and avoiding deformities in infants is to permit spraying of banned chemicals in our air. In South Carolina, a spray was conducted that successfully eliminated zika-infested mosquitos.

What’s even worse is that the chemical spray just about put the state’s bee population into extinction.“On Saturday, it was total energy, millions of bees foraging, pollinating, making honey for winter. Today, it stinks of death. Maggots and other insects are feeding on the honey and the baby bees who are still in the hives. It’s heartbreaking.” Says Juanita Stanley, a local Beekeeper.

The state’s bee population is about extinct after the 1st air spray was conducted for first time in 14 years. Trumpet, the pesticide that was used, contains naled that is highly toxic, was sprayed from the sky in a plane for 2 hours in the early morning. The manufacturer’s label, Trumpet is “highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment on blooming crops or weeds. To minimize hazard to bees, it is recommended that the product is not applied more than two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset, limiting application to times when bees are least active.”

It is a shocking display of oversight to spray large amounts of the chemical at such a rapid rate in times that the label says not to spray. Well, at least AMVAC Chemical Corporation and their owner, American Vanguard Corporation are making huge lumps of cash. Chemical corporations aren’t the only ones capitalizing on the rare disease.

The U.S. government has contracted Takeda Pharmaceutical Company to develop a vaccine for the Zika virus, with around $312 million dollars to fund the development. In a statement to the press Takeda says the money will be mainly towards developing an inactivated, adjuvanted, whole Zika virus vaccine.”

The corporation has more in mind than creating a “cure” for Zika. Takeda, a company based in Japan, also has vaccines for the norovirus, polio and dengue fever in the process of development.“This Zika vaccine program joins our work in dengue, norovirus, our partnership with the Japanese Government on pandemic influenza, and the recently announced partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help eradicate polio.

These efforts to develop a vaccine against the Zika virus reinforce Takeda’s commitment to the health of people everywhere, including the most vulnerable populations that are threatened by Zika,” stated Dr. Rajeev Venkayya, Corporate Officer and President of the Global Vaccine Business Division at Takeda.

It’s interesting that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are mentioned. It is convenient for them as they funded Oxitec, a genetically modified mosquito project that many are claiming is passing the Zika virus around. There’s a lot of money-making potential in exposing the public to only create a vaccine to ‘cure’ the disease they let out.

Reported by Daniel Barker: “It’s easy to see where the Zika virus crisis might fit in with Bill Gates’ admitted depopulation agenda. Not only are babies being born nearly brain-dead, but now women throughout Latin America are being urged not to have children during the next two years. 


And in the latest Zika news, GM mosquitoes are now being considered for use in fighting the further spread of the virus.

And of course, researchers are scrambling to develop a vaccine…"

We shouldn’t forget that many of the means used to contain Zika (vaccines, chemicals) are contributing to the birth defects, not the Zika virus. 

1. Monsanto’s Chemicals

According to the World Health Organization, the main ingredient found in Monsanto’s Roundup, Glyphosate, “Probably” causes cancer. It’s also associated with causing microcephaly. 

The study involved chicken embryos and frogs being injected with glyphosate-based concentrations. It was discovered that microcephaly was a side effect in both test subjects. There was a loss of rhombomere domains and reduced optic vesicles.

A report released from the Global Research Center confirmed Brazil’s heavy use of pesticides is a huge concern in contributing microcephaly than the Zika virus. The report notes:“Pesticides in Brazil and Pernambuco state are more likely to be the cause of microcephaly and birth defects than Zika virus and the links below speak for themselves…”

2. Tdap Vaccine

The National Center for Biotechnology Information released a study that proved the U.S. government has been aware that there’s an associated link between microcephaly and Tdap.

The study explains: 

Prenatal factors are thought to account for 20 to 30 percent of cases. This category includes cerebral anomalies, chromosomal disorders, neurocutaneous syndromes such as tuberous sclerosis, inherited metabolic disorders, intrauterine infections, family history of seizures, and microcephaly (Bobele and Bodensteiner, 1990; Kurokawa et al., 1980; Ohtahara, 1984; Riikonen and Donner, 1979).

As 2014 was about to end, the government of Brazil approved the Tdap vaccine for woman who are pregnant. At the end of 2015, microcephaly caused by the ‘outbreak’ of Zika was all CNN was covering.

Around the world, 29 countries had experienced cases of Zika, however, none of these cases involved Zika-induced microcephaly, except in Brazil. Below, The Outliers provide some facts for us about the Tdap vaccine, which the CDC forces pregnant women to receive, even if the patient has a history of being administered the vaccine. 

Fact #1: There are ingredients in the pertussis-filled Tdap vaccine that were never evaluated fully to prove if they are potentially genotoxic or give any adverse effects on the developing fetus in the womb, Or if it adversely effects the babies health, such as mercury (filled with Thimerosal), preservatives, and aluminum adjuvants, and many more toxic bioactive ingredients, 

Fact#2: The FDA has authorized Tdap vaccines tube administered once as a single dose booster shot for children 10-11 years old. The CDC recommends that doctors administer the Tdap vaccine to pregnant women in each period of pregnancy. This happens despite any past administration of the Tdap vaccine. 

Fact #3: The FDA says adequate testing hasn’t been conducted yet in human trials to assess if it is safe for pregnant women. It still remains unknown if the vaccines are able to harm the fetus or reduce your ability to reproduce. The Tdap vaccines manufacturer acknowledge that the fertility and human toxicity studies are insufficient and warn Tdap should only“be given to a pregnant woman only if clearly needed.”

FACT #4: Drug companies have yet to perform safety and effectivity tests before administering the Tdap vaccine to pregnant women. They didn’t do this at all before having the vaccine licensed by the FDA. There is barely any data on the biological and inflammatory responses to the vaccine that alters birth outcomes and harms the fetus.

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