6 Brilliant Tips on How To Select The Perfect Watermelon

There are few things more perfect than a ripe, juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. 

But do you know how to pick the perfect fruit?

Check out six key tips below:

  1. Color: Light watermelons have not ripened long on the vine, so always choose darker green ones, with lighter stripes
  2. Heft: Watermelons are mostly made of water, so if your fruit is light when you lift it, it is probably dry. Therefore, always pick the ones which are heavier than expected.
  3. Knocking: Some believe the habit of knocking on the watermelon is pointless, but White On Rice disagrees, maintaining that you can pick the right watermelon by holding it and thwapping to feel the vibrations in the bottom hand.
  4. Observe the bum: Watermelons do not ripen after being pulled off the vine, and while farmers hurry to supply the market with their fruits, some of them might be plucked too early. Therefore, make sure your watermelon has a big and dark creamy patch at the bottom.
  5. Shape and shine: Avoid watermelons which have lumps and bumps, as they should be oval and uniform. If it has even color and shape, it means that it has ripened adequately. Moreover, shine shows that it isn’t completely ripe.
  6. Stem-free: You should never buy watermelons with stems, as they have been gathered before being completely ripe. Try to find ones that have a slightly indented end, which shows that the melon fell off the wine on its own.

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