WikiLeaks: Alcohol Industry Bribed Congress To Denounce Cannabis

According to new information, courtesy WikiLeaks, alcohol lobbyists are one of the biggest reasons American congressmen and congresswomen continue to denounce cannabis. After all, compared to cannabis, alcohol looks especially bad.

Research has regularly shown that alcohol can be considered more addictive, and further, results in far more deaths each year.

In particular, WikiLeaks found paid advertisements from Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WWSA), one of the largest alcohol lobbies, asking our representatives and senators to speak against marijuana. 

A portion below is excerpted from the advertisement:

“While neutral on the issue of legalization, WSWA believes states that legalize marijuana need to ensure appropriate and effective regulations are enacted to protect the public from the dangers associated with the abuse and misuse of marijuana… In the years since the state legalized medicinal use, Colorado law enforcement officials have documented a significant increase in traffic fatalities in which drivers tested positive for marijuana… 

Congress should fully fund Section 4008 of the FAST Act (PL 114-94) in the FY 2017 Appropriations process to document the prevalence of marijuana-impaired driving, outline impairment standards and determine driving impairment detection methods.”

Go figure that alcohol lobbyists wouldn't want any looking too closely at cannabis, especially given how much less dangerous marijuana is than booze. 

And if marijuana becomes legal nationwide, many suspect the alcohol industry will see their profits diminish, so no wonder the lobbyists are doing everything they can to keep that from happening.

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