Why You Should Plant a Mulberry Tree and How To...

If you've ever had a mulberry, you know just how delicious they are - and we're here to tell you just how easy they are to grow!

There are three different types of mulberries commonly grown in the United States: Red mulberry, Texas mulberry, and white mulberry (originally imported from China). While Texas mulberries grow as a bush, the other two varieties grow as trees.

Of the three, red mulberries grow largest (up to 60 feet), followed by white mulberries (up to 40 feet) and the Texas mulberry bush (6-12 feet, commonly).

If you do decide to grow a mulberry tree or bush, we recommend the following tips:

Be sure to pick mulberries once they are ripe because they do not ripen off the tree.

Mulberry plants grow nearly as wide as tall, so consider how much room you'll need - and be sure it will get full sun. Mulberry trees grow in zone 7 and above, and while they will tolerate drought and poor soil, they produce far better with good irrigation and a nice deep loam. If you do decide to prune, do so when the tree is dormant, and remember, heavy pruning will reduce the fruit that year.

Mulberry trees grow well from cuttings. Cut a fresh twig, dip it in rooting hormone and put it in fresh, damp potting soil. Keep it moist for a couple of months and when new leaves start to come out, you know the roots are beginning to grow too.

This fruit is a favorite among squirrels and birds but the only other pests that come around are caterpillars. There are very few diseases that afflict the mulberry.

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