What Predators Look for When You Post Pics of Your Kids Online

We live in a time where our every moment and experience in life is recorded online for everyone to see (from either our hand or a friend). 

Parents need to be cautious and take measures to avoid uploading harmless pictures of your teen or young child.“A photo of your child could be part of a pedophilia ring that has been uncovered by police, and you won’t even know about it.”

The article explains: 

Australia made world news in 2016 with a website trading explicit photos of local school girls. The site even had pages dedicated to local Brisbane and Gold Coast high schools and fan pages – offering money to men who could find more explicit photos of their favorites. 
Attempts to close down the site have been thwarted in a brazen disregard of the law. And these girls, whose images have been used without consent, could be to this day, oblivious.

Here are what pedophiles search for that they find attractive, coming from a Task Force police officer:

Photos of kids in their underwear, in a bath tub by themselves or with other kids, or being undressed. Even when you censor your children’s private areas, they can still photoshop and edit the picture to increase the pictures ‘value.’

The officer who wrote the article said, “You can take me to South Bank beach at Brisbane on any given day and I will be able to point out lone males taking photos of children…. your children.”

Any photo that can easily be edited to make your teen/child look like a part in a sexual act. 
Children from social media celebrities: “The more photos posted, and the more coverage the images gain, the more likely they are to come to the attention to pedophile groups and be subjected to their monstrous conversations and attentions. Similar to a teenage crush of a pop star, these photos become a platform for imaginings, fantasies and lewd behaviors. 

The internet has now allowed predators to openly discuss their fetishes, and because they have the support of their monstrous tribe, they now have a place to ‘normalize’ and ‘strategize’ dysfunctional thoughts and fantasies.”

Consider these things before uploading any pictures of your kids: 

• Is there room to ‘superimpose’ another person into the image?
• Are they in a state of undress?
• Do you have a public social media page? Pedophiles can develop a ‘child crush.’ If this happens, your child doesn’t even have to be in a state of undress for the photo to become a commodity.

Things to consider with your teen’s social media page:

• Swimwear and underwear shots are more valuable.
• If your teen has a public account, predator rings can approach their friends or enemies for more explicit photos and will pay money for them.

Duck faces and posed photos are used as baseline trading images on predator sites.

(Sensitive Material: The officer says,“There is one photo in particular that I remember which causes me pain daily – a 6 month old in just a nappy with the most beautiful angelic smile laying on a bed – and a naked man entering the babies bedroom. This child looked like my babies – your babies. And the horror that I could not reach through that screen and save that child scratches at my brain.”)

We have to be cautious in what we post nowadays as there are many pedophiles searching for a kid to prey on. A big issue such as human trafficking, is also occurring in many populous cities in the world. The internet has made the world closer than we can fathom.

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