UK to Fully Legalize Cannabis - But There's a Catch...

Cannabis could soon be fully legalized for medical and recreational use in the UK.

With news that the Liberal Democrat Party will legalize the plant in the upcoming general election, cannabis smokers, medical patients and human rights advocates are rejoicing all over the country.

This could spell the end of cannabis prohibition in the UK and allow lawful access to the plant for hundreds of thousand of patients and millions of normal-joes who are criminalized's just a shame that only one party out of all leading candidates has it on their manifesto.

THE Liberal Democrats are planning to completely legalize cannabis and allow it to be sold from high street shops.

The party’s manifesto is set to have a commitment to a fully-regulated marijuana market, which could raise up to £1billion in extra taxes.

It is the first time a major political party in the UK has gone into a general election on a platform of legalizing the drug.

According to BuzzFeed News the money generated from the radical move would be spent on public health.

The website is reporting the party would strictly regulate the quality of the cannabis sold to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals in it.

It would be restricted to over-18s and sold only through legalised shops – similar to the model in several US states which have approved its legalisation.

Julian Huppert from the party said: “What we currently do is bad for health and mental health.

“The market is run by criminal gangs and they have no interest in public health – the system is causing huge amounts of harm.

“The prohibitionist approach costs a huge amount of money, means we criminalise a large amount of people, and increases the harm.

They say the plan could raise a £1bn in taxes and save police and prisons

“We spend a lot of money making people’s lives worse. That cannot be correct.”

As well as the tax revenues they say it would also reduce the burden on the police, prisons, and the health service.

Mr Huppert, who was MP for Cambridge from 2010 to 2015 and is standing again in the constituency, said the Lib Dems would appoint an independent regulator for the cannabis market.

Their job would be to reduce the harm of the drug by requiring it to include lower levels of the active component THC, and more of the harm-reducing CBD element.

So in final thoughts, would you vote, knowing that the legalization of our beloved cannabis would actually happen? It's worth a thought...

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