This One Fruit Kills Malignant Cells Of 12 Different Types Of Cancer, More Effective Than Chemo!

This green tropical fruit weighs around 15 pounds, and grows up to a foot long. 

Soursop, also called guyabano, graviola or guanábana. Its taste is a mix between a sour citrus, strawberry and pineapple flavor. This lovely tropical fruit leave’s added in many herbal health care products due to its medicinal properties. 


Soursop contains no sodium, fat or cholesterol. It does have a plentiful amount of fiber, copper, niacin, phosphorus, calcium, iron, thiamin, vitamins B3, B1 and C, riboflavin, magnesium and potassium.

Its leaves contain many essential nutrients such as fructose, vitamin A and B, protein, fat and calcium. 


Soursop And Cancer

It’s been found that that soursop contains nutrients that have the ability to eliminate cancer cells than chemotherapy. Many studies discovered that people who consumed soursop extract had stronger, healthier immune systems. 

Its extract is tough against 12 different types of cancer, including pancreatic, breast, colon, lung, and prostate cancer. Its extract is beneficial in the slowing down of malignant cell growth. It’s much more stronger than the commonly used chemotherapeutic, Adriamycin. 

Cancer patients suffer from chemotherapy as it harms the body systems while eliminating malignant cells. Since 1976, studies have shown that soursop is effective in the elimination of cancerous cells. Experts say this is evident through many conclusive studies. People have claimed that they benefitted from soursop extract, however, there is no claims out there for the usage of soursop extract being therapeutic. 

Health Benefits of Consuming Soursop

Soursop is rich in certain phytonutrients and many other nutrients that have the ability to strengthen the immune system. This allows for the essential treatment process to continue and be effective. Soursop is great as a natural treatment for many illnesses.

Anti-aging: Soursop is filled with vitamin C and antioxidants that improve energy and stamina levels. The aging process is even slowed down.

Blood disorders: The tree that soursop is grown in is abundant in iron, and its leaves are helpful in treating anemia by increasing the count of red blood cells. 

Bone health: Having a good amount of calcium and phosphorus, soursop can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. 

Cancer: The fatty acids named Acetogenins, mostly annonacin, and other compounds named annopentocins, quinolones, along with two alkaloids, reticuline and coreximine are found to have potential preventive abilities of cancer growth. In 1997, a study was published in the “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry” where it was found that tested soursop compounds were 250 times more effective in killing breast cancer cells in cultures, than chemotherapy drugs.

At the Catholic University of Korea, a lab study was conducted to find that soursop compounds attacks and destroys cancerous cells, while leaving healthy cells unscathed. 

Heart and nerve health:Soursop contains vitamin B1 which helps to speed up blood circulation, metabolism, prevents damage of nerves and heals central nervous system disorders. Vitamin B2 is crucial for fat storage, energy production and the maintenance of heart muscles. 

Immune system:This wonderful fruit contains phytonutrients that work well for toughening and building immunity. 

Infections: Within soursop is many antimicrobial properties that help to benefit gut health and the immune system. These properties work to eliminate bacterial and fungal infections, as well as parasites in the intestines. 

Skin conditions: The leaves of soursop can be crushed up and rubbed on affected areas twice a day. Its found to help alleviate eczema symptoms and even treat it. Mixed with rose water, soursop leaves can work as a blackhead remover and heal other skin conditions. 

Sleep: In certain cultures around the world, soursop is utilized as a sedative to help with sleeping problems. You can brew the leaves in a tea to help induce sleep. You can also add soursop leaves to your pillow to further improve quality of rest. 


Avoid eating any soursop with skin blemishes or bruising. Eat very dark green fruit as they are the best to eat! The pulp of soursop can be made into fruit drinks, ice cream flavor, sorbets, fruit nectar, and smoothies. 

The leaves of soursop make a great all-natural treatment for inflammatory ailments such as gout, arthritis, back pain, or to strengthen the immune system. In 3 cups of water, boil 10 soursop leaves until one cup of water us left, then strain and allow to cool off.

Drink every morning daily, and within 3-4 weeks you will notice improvements in your condition. If the soursop isn’t fully ripe, then store it in room temperature and placed in the fridge for about 2 days after it's fully ripe.

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This One Fruit Kills Malignant Cells Of 12 Different Types Of Cancer, More Effective Than Chemo! This One Fruit Kills Malignant Cells Of 12 Different Types Of Cancer, More Effective Than Chemo! Reviewed by Jamm Real on 19:47:00 Rating: 5
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