This is The Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto and Change The World

Monsanto has been working very hard to cover up this article and the information it contains. 

It can shift our world in many great ways. Please spread this article along to others to help educate them on what’s happening. So, in 2006 a patent was handed to Paul Stamets, the leading mycologist in the world. 

His patent had been given no coverage and why could that be? Well, executives from the pesticide industry says the patent is “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” What they mean by disruptive, is that the technology would exploit them, and ruin the chemical pesticides industry. 

Paul found a way to utilize nature on itself, without destroying the environment or harming his health. It’s being named smart pesticides, as they work efficiently in warding off over 200,000 species of pesky insects. Mushrooms are the solution to pest problems in your crop areas. Paul takes entomopathogenic Fungi (eliminates insects) and morphs it to prevent the formation of spores. Surprisingly, this attracts the insects to eat them and turn into fungi! This amazing patent could completely eliminate chemical pesticides and change our way of growing crops, if it reaches to the masses. 

If we continue to ignore the evidence pointing out that the usage of pesticides in agriculture is having a negative impact on the environment, we will suffer catastrophic consequences. Imagine not seeing bees ever again. Monsanto’s chemically made pesticides are being doused over mass amounts of crop fields in farms across the world, and in the process is almost decimating the entire bee population. Many nations have reacted by placing bans on Monsanto, while others who don’t know about the damaging effects of their chemical pesticide, farmers are continuing to spray excess amounts of it on their crop fields. We cannot say at this point that there is not a way to stop this before it’s no longer possible. 

Monsanto was reported to have generated $16 billion dollars annually, and we all know they will do anything to stop a block from this huge profit. Having such a mass amount of cash revenue can ensure security.

It works maintain their ability to suppress anyone with information that could destroy their entire reputation. Its imperative to educate yourself about growing organic, avoiding herbicide-sprayed and GMO crops, which will work well to limit their financial manipulation.

Here’s link’s that will educate you a lot more about the patent mentioned in the beginning of the article:

Here’s a TedTalks video by Paul in 2008 called: 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World:

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