These Popular Tea Brands Contain Illegal Amounts of Pesticides! Avoid Them!

You probably think of tea as safe; after all, it's frequently touted as the healthier alternative to coffee and other beverage choices. But what if your tea may not be nearly so safe as you think?

It turns out many tea brands are loaded up with pesticides...which are probably not the healthier alternative you were hoping for.

This is in part because most tea leaves aren't washed before packed, which means any chemicals used on them likely remain in your tea.

In particular, CBC notes the following brands contained the highest levels of toxins:
  • Tetley
  • Lipton
  • Twinnings
  • No Name
  • Uncle Lee’s Legends of China
  • King Cole
  • Signal

Especially shocking is that CBC noted that fully half of the brands sampled above contained toxins well above the legal limit.

As a result, we recommend the following steps to help protect yourself from toxins in your tea:

  • Try switching to white tea. It has the least amount of fluoride because it’s made from young leaves.
  • Be sure to buy loose leaf tea or brew your own tea from scratch.
  • Buy organic! Choose a non-GMO certified brand of tea.
  • Check the ingredient list to make sure there are no added flavors or GMO ingredients added to the tea leaves.
  • Many restaurants use tea brands that are known to be full of pesticides, so be careful about ordering tea while out to eat.
  • Know the correct brewing times for certain types of tea. Black or Pu-reh teas should be steeped for 3-5 minutes; white or green teas should be steeped for 2-3 minutes; Oolong teas should be steeped for 4-7 minutes; and herbal teas should be left to steep for five minutes at minimum, longer for a stronger tea.

Below are the teas considered safest, courtesy the CBC tests:

  • Red Rose
  • Numi Tea
  • Rishi Tea
  • EDEN Organic
  • Organic Stash
  • Choice Organic Teas
  • Two Leaves
  • Organic Tazo
  • Organic Traditional Medicinals

Watch the video below for a breakdown of different tea brands and how they measure up in terms of health:

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These Popular Tea Brands Contain Illegal Amounts of Pesticides! Avoid Them! These Popular Tea Brands Contain Illegal Amounts of Pesticides! Avoid Them! Reviewed by matt on 13:39:00 Rating: 5
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