Inexpensive Quonset Home Kits Start at Less than $8,000

For many of us, DIY projects are especially appealing because of how they cut down on costs - but did you know you can apply that same philosophy to building yourself a new home?

And we're not just talking tiny homes, either. Another alternative is a Quonset. 

Notes SteelMaster builders,

“Quonset homes are becoming more and more popular with the DIY crowd; they can be erected quickly and provide a solid, secure, long lasting solution for most housing needs. Quonset buildings were originally developed as a sturdy answer to extreme weather conditions, and are manufactured in two styles best suited for residential applications…

Both P & S Models are ideally suited to residential homes as they have straight sides resulting in the maximum amount of livable space. Both can easily be tailored to your aesthetic requirements with custom end walls. These can be made of steel, hardy board or even finished with stucco or brick. It is also important to note that the buildings can be insulated and that a mezzanine-type second floor can be added to larger buildings over 30 feet in width. End walls can also be fitted with windows and the roof structure can easily be fitted with skylight panels for additional natural light.”

And these are easy to set-up and inexpensive; a 20 x 40 model with a 10 foot ceiling, for instance, came out with an estimate of $8,000.

Check it out in the video below:

Click here to see a gallery of Quonset style cabins, homes, and other structures; click on the photo or the “next” link to advance to the next picture (photos were taken by Elizabeth Anderson for SteelMaster Buildings).

Original source: Building Homes and Living

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