Five Examples of How Monsanto Brainwashes Our School Children With Propaganda

Monsanto not only has so much invested in the farm chemical, genetically modified seed, and other industries, but also the support of many. 

When people catch on that Monsanto wants to only produce GMOs and sell toxic agriculture chemicals like Roundup, they will boycott pro-GMO companies. GMO food isn’t the answer to “feeding the world,” and if anything, is nothing but a scientific advancement in the eyes of the major corporation. 

They are convincing the younger generations that GMOs are the future, and are healthy for the environment and our health, rather than explaining the health and environmental hazards they pose. 

Here’s five examples of how biotechnology and Monsanto have utilized to sway the new generations of children with pro-GMO propaganda. 

1. Monsanto at your local zoo 

The St.Louis Zoo has the famous Monsanto Insectarium, where the corporation boasts how it can protect insects despite their consistent use of butterfly and bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides that have caused the near extinction of some insects and the death of small animals in the environment.

The insectarium has its own butterfly exhibit, which sends out an illusion that Monsanto is helpful for butterflies despite that their products are linked to several butterfly deaths annually. 

2. Biotech Propaganda in School Textbooks

In September of 2013, a grassroots internet campaign was made to eliminate pro-Biotech language from 8th grade textbooks, published by Evan-Moor. The campaign was a success, that even the CEO, William E. Evans, had been forced into apologizing for the misleading pro-GMO information in one book.

Mr. Evans stated that he doesn’t even allow GMO food in his cabinets. and that he would fix the error and prevent it from occurring again. If you see any propaganda in your children's textbook, go to school officials, and social media to complain. 

3. More Pro-GMO Books for Kids

A conspicuous example of Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and five other companies is the “Biotechnology Basics Activity Book,” named ‘Look Closer at Biotechnology,’ which was made for kids in elementary school.

The book teaches our kids that biotechnology can “help improve the health of the Earth and the people who call it home.”

There’s another section thats named ‘How Can Biotechnology Help the Environment?’ While Monsanto’s GMOs and pesticides have done more harm. We have given corporations too much sway over the educational system, and it only works to cement their greedy ways. There are websites on the internet that do provide the truth and condone the companies involved with Monsanto. 

4. Associating Monsanto with Sustainability

Monsanto has a program “The Monsanto Fund” which donates thousands of dollars into local schools to educate them on gardening and other outdoor projects, which may come off as harmless.

During this, the local schools and kids are linking Monsanto to environmental sustainability while they are responsible for GMOs, butterfly/bee killing pesticides and soil depletion.

There’s a ‘Kids Garden Fresh Program’ created by Monsanto that funded gardens in many schools. Kids were given important skills, but what is the cost exactly?

In an online video on Monsanto’s website, a teacher discussed how kids were starting to think,“ Where does my food come from…What is it I’m putting into my body and how does it affect me in the long term?”

What’s scary, is that these kids aren’t aware of the toxic residues of pesticides on their unnatural food. Their unawareness is largely due to Monsanto’s grip on the programs in these schools, and the financial incentives keep it flowing. 

5. The Monsanto House of the Future

The Monsanto House of the Future attraction at Disneyland was destroyed in the late 1960s. It contained a prime look into the synthetic future involving a wall-mounted big screen TV, a microwave, and futuristic furniture made out of synthetic fibers.

This is an example of how chemical corporations have utilized many tactics to seal the deal for a “better living through chemistry” era that we are now living in. This has brought upon us many toxic, synthetic chemicals into our food and other sources.

It proves how far Monsanto has come in paving the public perception of today. They were deceptive and that changed when people started grassroots movements to share the truth.

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