Farmer Shocked by Results After Sending GMO Crop ‘Dust’ to Lab

It’s known fact that during harvest season, crops have dust, dirt and other contaminants that build up. 

A farmer discovered some shocking revelations from the results of the sent crop dust that was from his pigs building, outside his father and brother’s farms where corn is sprayed with Roundup Ready and Liberty Link, is enough to make your mouth drop. 

The farmer took it upon himself and gathered some dust from the building where his pigs are kept in, and sent the sample labeled ‘hog dust.’ 

Midwest Labs found that the ‘hog dust’ contained:

-“Liberty Link corn dust, Roundup Ready corn dust
-Total mold count 14,000 cfu/g 7,200,000 cfu/g 15,600,000 cfu/g
-Aspergillus sp. (other) 10,000 cfu/g 7,000,000 cfu/g 15,600,000 cfu/g
-Penicillium sp 3,000 cfu/g 200,000 cfu/g —”

The mold in the ‘hog dust’ can cause allergies, and other serious illnesses, while Aspergillus can cause pneumonia, asthma, lung disease and viruses. These toxins are also found to eliminate the amount of important fungi in soil, which depletes the crop of its nutrient content, making it less healthier than non-GMO food.

The lab had expressed great concern about the contents in the dust they discovered, that they had to contact the farmer. The lab suggested to the farmer that anyone working in the vicinity where the dust is, to wear facial masks to lower susceptibility to serious illnesses. 

The air also can pass the toxic dust, like pollen, to other fields, farms and neighborhoods who would otherwise not expect it.

Not just the crop, but now the dust is just as toxic and comes with detrimental effects to our society and world. Its time we ban the usage of GMO crops and follow other countries paths to an organic future.

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Farmer Shocked by Results After Sending GMO Crop ‘Dust’ to Lab Farmer Shocked by Results After Sending GMO Crop ‘Dust’ to Lab Reviewed by Jamm Real on 17:45:00 Rating: 5
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