Enjoy Being a Night Owl? Plant Yourself A Magical Moon Garden!

A lot of people enjoy gardening while many don’t understand that you can grow flowers and plants that grow in the dark night. 

Building your own moon garden is the perfect way to align yourself with nature, and it will exude beautiful fragrances and provide a good aesthetic during summer nights. 

You can even open your windows at night to allow the scents to travel into your home, allowing you to smell the fresh aromas while sleeping. Plants that grow at night, usually are white and radiate a light appearance in the moonlight. You can plant them in a crescent or circle shape, and mix them with day blooming flowers.

Night Blooming Plants

Moonflower: This flower loves to grow in the dark, and gives off a lemon scent when bloomed, while during the day they stay closed up. Some species of this flower, and cousin of the Morning Glory, can grow tonight feet long. When open, the flowers are 5-6” in diameter. 

Evening Primrose: This quickly growing perennial loves the night and will cover lots of ground. At night, it spreads open and releases a sweet smell. 

Night Phlox: These dark-lovers are also referred to as Midnight Candy, and exude a vanilla or honey scent at night. 

Evening Stock: These little pink and purple flowers aren’t extravagant looking, but give off a sweet aroma during the night. 

Angel’s Trumpet: This vine grows quickly, and is shaped like a trumpet. These white, yellow or pink babies give off a bell shape when fully bloomed. 

Night Gladiolus: This isn’t a night plant, but it essentially has a strong aroma during the night. It gives off a spice-like scent that will perfect your night garden. 


  • Silver Thyme
  • Lamb’s Ears
  • Mugwort (Artemesia)
  • Dusty Millers
  • Silver Sage
  • White veggies like Baby Boo, Alba eggplants, and Lumina pumpkins


  • Willow
  • Jasmine
  • Camphor
  • Water Lily
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sleepwort
  • Moonwort
  • Gardenia
  • Sandalwood


Having night plants fully bloomed from under a full moon can bring many pleasures and possibilities. When it’s time, harvest the flowers and dry them to put in charms or talismans. They can be used in purifying baths, or as a moon candle. These plants can also be used in incense to increase wisdom and intuition. 

NOTE: Apply a support mechanism for climbing plants like the Moonflower. When there isn’t any stability to hang on, they will refuse to bloom fully.

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