CBD Oil Helps Autistic Boy Speak Again

When little Kalel Santiago was first born, he was diagnosed with a rare cancer, neuroblastoma. 

While he survived that after several years of grueling surgery, radiation, and chemo, his parents were in for another surprise, when at the age of three he was diagnosed severely autistic.

His parents did everything they could - and while Kalel thrived, he still didn't speak. That's when his parents, Abiel and Gladys, turned to the internet - where they read about cannabis oil.

Within weeks of beginning treatment with Kalel, he began pronouncing vowels - and soon after, whole words, followed by full sentences.

“He’s been connecting — like he’s awakening to seeing the world,” said Abiel. “He’s looking you in your eyes, he’s been trying to say different things and imitate what we are saying. He’s saying ‘uncle’, ‘aunt,’ the names of my two kids. It’s something amazing that I cannot explain.”

Kalel's story is hardly unique, as web searches will readily reveal. And CBD has been used elsewhere, too - for epilepsy, for instance, it's shown especially promising returns.

Despite this, it remains nearly impossible to study in the United States. Maybe someday this will change - until then, we'll have to rely on anecdotal science such as this.

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