Bill Nye the Science Guy Completely Caves In to Monsanto, Promotes GMOs on New “Saving the World” Netflix Program

Bill Nye’s new show on Netflix is produced by Bunim/Murray Productions, a company famous for shows such as Project Runway and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

The show titled ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ promises to discuss “anti-scientific claims” but goes on the offense on people who are questioning vaccine ingredients, laugh at alternative and complementary medicine, and show an incredible bias toward GMOs.

Bill Nye supported GMO labeling and believed that GMOs need to be studied more on a case-to-case basis to prove its safety to the public.

Then, July 2015 came, when he changed his mind. His change of opinion happened after a visit to Monsanto headquarters, leading to questions on what exactly happened in the meeting, and whether he had perhaps even been paid a lump sum by the company. 

It is public knowledge that Monsanto spends millions of dollars in public relations to push its GMO narrative on the world and media. In fact, Monsanto has a past of lobbying and coughing up big money donations to influence information and public policy, from voters to politicians to universities and even public school systems.

Is Bill Nye being paid off by Monsanto to spread their GMO narrative?

While we may never know, the way in which he spent 26 minutes to present the GMO argument on his TV show (episode 4: “More Food, Less Hype”) is sure to raise eyebrows. Bill’s panel of “experts” included a corn and soybean farmer (two main GMO crops), a professor at North Carolina State University, and the executive vice-president at Monsanto, Robert Fraley. 

While the N.C. State professor seemed skeptical of the promises of GMOs and Nye did offer counterpoints at times, the admiration for Monsanto’s creations could be felt strongly in the tone of the show, especially in Nye’s final thoughts on the issue.

Monsanto VP Fraley began the usual pro-GMO talking points: “GMOs are safe, effective, and benefit the environment.” He even threw a “fake news” scare into his statements as well, taking aim at an alternative media that is widely skeptical of GMOs. Many independent studies find GMO’s to be ineffective and harmful to the environment. 

An analysis in 2016, by the New York Times of available data, published in an article titled ‘Broken Promises of Genetically Modified Crops,’ found that GMOs have not done what they are supposed to do. In Europe, where the cultivation of such crops is widely banned and they are virtually never grown, increases in yield and decreases in pesticide use were better than in the U.S. where GMOs are rampant.

In 2017, a report from the UN slammed the modern agricultural industry over its “inaccurate and misleading” claims that synthetic pesticide-intensive agriculture (such as “Roundup Ready” GMO crops sprayed heavily with glyphosate) is needed to “feed the world,” a claim that Monsanto often makes in order to justify its product.

Further Studies Show Evidence of Harm

Studies have shown GMO foods to cause gastrointestinal issues, immune problems, infertility, and negative changes in many organs. Glyphosate, a toxic pesticide used routinely on GMOs, has also been labeled as a harmful carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

As far as effectiveness goes, studies have also shown that it is organic agriculture that can feed the world, while preserving the biodiversity at the same time. Income inequality and food waste are the two biggest obstacles to “feeding the world.”

And when it comes to the environment, instead of using less pesticides, not only do some GMO foods have insecticides inside of them, mass production of GMO crops also led to an estimated 527 million more pounds of herbicides used in the U.S.

He mentioned Agent Orange, (a chemical defoliant manufactured by Monsanto in the past) the horrific effects of which still cause serious harm to Vietnam War veterans and their children to this day, as well as hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese children who were born with birth effects because of exposure. Nye also mentioned that Monsanto’s products and farming model have been linked to the decreased Monarch butterfly population, In summer 2015 he shared his concern much more strongly, however:

“We accidentally have decimated the monarch butterfly population, reduced it over the last two decades by 90 percent,” admitted Nye in summer 2015, implicating the overuse of chemicals from Monsanto and other companies in the decline. “We don’t want that where you are accidentally wiping out a potential pollinator species.”Despite these and other concerns, Nye’s support for GMOs in the new show became so blatantly obvious.

Bill Nye Ignores Science, Backs Monsanto GMOs

Nye began with extracting strawberry DNA, before talking about GMOs. “GMO are all about that DNA. In a GMO, we take a gene from one organism’s DNA, one species, and put it in another species. It happens in nature by the way,” Nye said. What Nye fails to mention is that there are no long term, independent studies on the safety of GMOs, and the highly unnatural process of splicing DNA in a laboratory to create novel foods is far from what happens in nature. 

According to the World Health Organization, GMOs are “organisms in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally;” in other words they are an entirely new type of organism that represents the biggest change to our food supply in decades (not to mention unlabeled). Nye also mocked people’s fear of glyphosate, the herbicide that causes cancer.

Fraley continued to defend Monsanto and Genetically modified foods: “We are a good company,” he laughed. In the end, Nye exhibited favoritism, asking his show’s correspondent Derek Muller, “How do we rebrand GMOs?” a similar question to the one posed by longtime Monsanto supporter Hillary Clinton at a 2014 biotech convention in San Diego.

The episode ends with Nye changing the name GMO to OMG to “re-brand” it; ironically, he completely misses the fact that there is a movie called “GMO OMG” from 2013, that explores how Monsanto is destroying our food system, and our health.“Now, you can see all people, they love it. They love OMGs,” Muller boasts in the show’s ending segment.

Nye closes by voicing his support for GMOs as “another tool in the shed” that can be utilized in agriculture, flipping the letters of a game show-style sign to change “GMO” to “OMG” as the crowd cheers. ’Bill Nye Saves the World’ and its fourth episode about GMOs can currently be seen on Netflix.

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Bill Nye the Science Guy Completely Caves In to Monsanto, Promotes GMOs on New “Saving the World” Netflix Program Bill Nye the Science Guy Completely Caves In to Monsanto, Promotes GMOs on New “Saving the World” Netflix Program Reviewed by Jamm Real on 14:35:00 Rating: 5
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