20 Surprising Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Your Favorite Movies Sets

We’ve all wondered how awesome it would be to watch popular movies being made, or to see the actors, directors and stunt doubles in their hard work. 

Many fans across the world are always wishing they could be in the behind scenes of their beloved films, however this online photo tour will ease your wonders.

It must be hard for best friends to play as enemies against each other. It appears it wasn’t for these two above.

Peter Jackson is with Gandalf the White going over the Battle of Pelennor Fields and what spell will be best to ward off the orcs when they go to attack the white city of Minas Tirith.

He then goes on a search finding himself.

Storm taking on the green screen with fierce.

Here's behind the scenes of ‘300’: Leonidas, the King of Sparta, is conversing with other costars playing as Persians before the battle scene.

There’s a lot of exaggeration amongst New Yorkers. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is 7 feet and quite sweet, nothing to fear.

Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Django Unchained’ after takes, he would work on his directing skills.

The mascot for Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Leo the Lion, is getting the cold feet before shooting the studio’s legendary logo video we see in their movies.

These American soldiers are mobilized and ready to attack Godzilla.

Even aliens need a sit-down between filming takes.

It’s a little odd being fed a fry through a weird mask. Dr. Hannibal Lecter seems pleased.

The long day is over. Joker is tired and heading to bed. Goodbye, Gotham City!

Here’s the green screen of Thor and Hulk in ‘The Avengers.’

Trying on the raptor suit, the effects supervisor, John Rosengrant, observes the suit dynamics.

Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch fitting into his role as the evil dragon Smaug in ‘The Hobbit.’

Here’s Luc Besson teaching a young girl to shoot a gun. Great job on ‘Léon: The Professional.’

Here’s the great Don Vito Corleone and director Francis Ford Coppola.

In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, the cast wasn’t meant to like each other, but in real life they are good friends.

This picture is awkward, more than Tom Hanks talking to a soccer ball. Maybe just as the same level.

It seems there was enough room for Jack to lay on the door, than what was depicted in the movie!

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