18 Practical Reasons Why Every Home NEEDS To Have A Bottle Of Castor Oil

Many use castor oil as a healing treatment for a plethora of ailments like fevers, colds and even against parasitical worms. 

Even though there isn’t much research to validate its strong medicinal properties, I do have reason to believe that there is great perks to using the oil. 

It’s known to have a very long history in its use as a remedy, that it deserves to be researched. Then again, you could test the oil and its benefits at home. 


If you don’t have a bottle of castor oil at home, then purchase a good quality brand of the oil. If you have it, great! You will be satisfied with its many purposes. 


1. Removes Blemishes

Castor oil is perfect for eliminating the appearance of skin blemishes, scars, stretch marks and pigmentation. The oil contains fatty acids that help to promote growth of healthy skin. Rub castor oil over blemishes each night until they have disappeared. 

2. Banishes Warts And Skin Tags

Castor oil contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial abilities that can eliminate the appearance of skin tags and warts. Apply castor oil on the skin tag or wart, every day for a couple of weeks until they are gone. However, castor oil doesn’t have any benefit with moles. A study from the Journal of International Toxicology discovered that castor oil has positive a reaction against occupational dermatitis. 

3. Promotes Healthy Scalp And Hair Growth

Castor oil provides relief from scalp infections. Scalp infection consists of dandruff, itchiness, thinning of hair and patches of baldness. Massage warm castor oil on the scalp and even eyebrows, as it helps to eliminate micro-organisms that irritate scalp problems, and promote hair growth. Use every night and you will see the results in about 2 weeks. If you have areas affected by alopecia, castor oil can help with that too!

4. Gives Your Hair A Richer Color

Castor oil is effective in preventing your hair from losing its natural pigment, and going gray. The oil works to contain moisture in the hair, making it look younger and vibrant. In order to get this result, warm a tablespoon of castor oil, then use your fingertips to run the oil through your hair. 

5. Natural Mascara

In a double boiler, melt a tablespoon of beeswax, then add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder or charcoal (varies by hair color) and castor oil. Mix until it’s the way you want it. With no toxic ingredients, this all natural mascara will work well on your eyelashes. You can also place castor oil on your eyelashes for them to grown thicker and full. 


6. Removes Cataracts

Apply a drop of castor oil in each eye to eliminate cataracts. It’s advised you apply it at night before bedtime, as it is sticky and blurs your vision. During the day, add one drop of apple cider vinegar in 2-3 drops of distilled water and apply to your eyes as you would with eyedrops. 

7. Treats Inflamed Skin

Castor oil can treat inflammation of the skin caused from dry, cracked skin, acne, sunburns and bites. Apply castor oil directly to the inflamed skin with a cotton ball. Leave it applied to the area for an hour. Wash off afterwards, and repeat the cycle 2-3 times a day until the condition is gone. 

8. Moisturizes Skin And Relieves Itchiness

Castor oil has the ability to moisturize dry, itchy skin as it easily enters skin tissue and stays put. All you need is a little teaspoonful, your palms, and rub over your skin. 

9. Healthy Lips

When it comes to cracked, dry lips, castor oil can remedy it. Apply a little of castor oil to your lips and it should prevent chapped lips and heal cracks. 

10. Relieves Muscle and Joint Pain

Castor oil can be rubbed to muscles after a tough workout to help boost circulation and relieve exercise pains. It can be applied with chamomile or peppermint oil to boost soothing and healing effects. Castor oil has ricinoleic acid that decongests the lymphatic system. This ensures that waste collected from body tissues is transferred to the bloodstream. 

Joint pain occurs when the lymphatic system isn’t functioning right, which is the case for arthritis sufferers. Castor oil can be massaged on the joints to help relieve congestion and boost the lymphatic system. Phytotherapy Research published a study from 2009 that backs this all up, and even finds that castor oil is a pain reliever for patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis. 

11. Treats Back Pain

Believe it or not, castor oil is very effective in the treatment of back pain. All you need is someone to massage the oil on the pained site to eliminate stiffness and pain. You can try another method by rubbing castor oil on the sore area and cover with soft, clean cloth. Then you apply a hot water pack over the top to ensure that the oil penetrates the skin tissue where it is inflamed. Leave the hot water pack in place until it is cold. This should be repeated frequently each day until the pain is relieved. 


12. Helps Treat Fungal Diseases

Castor oil is tough on fungal infections just as anti-fungal drugs on the market. It can treat jock itch (tinea cruris), ringworm and athlete’s foot. All you need to do is apply warm castor oil to the infected area before heading to bed. Its suggested that you leave it applied to the site overnight. Repeat this for a week or until the fungal infections is completely healed. 

13. Treats Your Pets’ Wounds

When it comes to our pets’ wounds, a drop of castor oil can heal minor cuts/wounds on your dog’s or cat’s skin. With castor oil’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits, it can help to speed up the healing process! If your pet gets angsty and licks the wound (as any other pet would do), you won’t have to worry as the oil isn’t harmful. It can, however, lead to loose stools. 

14. Safe And Natural Laxative

A study from 2010 looks at how castor oil helped to lower constipation in elderly individuals. The FDA finds the oil “generally regarded as safe and effective” to be utilized as a laxative. Consuming castor oil can cleanse the digestive tract, and takes about 2-5 hours to do so. It has to be taken in reasonable doses.

It’s advised that children from 2-12 be given 1-2 teaspoons. Adults should take 1-2 tablespoons. Infants under the age of 2 are not suggested to take more than 1 teaspoon at a time. When you give the oil to your child, apply it to squeezed, fresh juice so the taste will be bearable. 

15. Treats Hemorrhoids

Castor oil works well on exterior hemorrhoids by shrinking them. With castor oil, soak cotton ball and apply to hemorrhoids. Leave applied to skin for 15 minutes. If you insist on moving about, apply a clean pad. Repeat this a few times a day as needed. 

16. Assisting A Good Night’s Sleep

Applying a small amount of castor oil on the eyes can help with troubles falling asleep. Its found that castor oil ensures a longer sleeping period and deeper sleep. Let’s just say that you will feel like you had the best sleep ever.

17. Stops Colic In Infants

In infants, colic can occur in the first months of its life, leading to long periods of time crying. There has been no findings on what exactly causes colic, however it could be due to gas. To help with colic, apply a small dab and rub it some of the oil between the palms for warm up, then apply the warm palm on the child’s abdomen.


18. All-Around Lubricant

Castor oil is great to use tolubricate household items. Because of its viscosity, castor oil does not freeze, so it can be ideal for either hot or very cold temperatures. When used on the skin, it’s not necessary to blend castor oil with a carrier oil; just make sure to test the oil on a small part of your skin to check for any allergic reaction. 

You don’t have to massage or rub it directly onto your skin, you can make a castor oil pack. The late psychic healer Edgar Cayce was the first to promote the use of castor oil packs for healing. It was then later researched by Dr. William McGarey of Phoenix, Arizona.

McGarey, a primary care physician and follower of Cayce’s teachings, said that castor oil packs can significantly boost immune functions if properly used. He shares this in his very own book, “The Oil That Heals: A Physician’s Successes With Castor Oil Treatments.”


Castor oil is used to induce child labor. In one study researchers found in mice studies, that ricinoleic acid causes the intestines and uterus to contract, stimulating labor. Another lab study found that among 100 pregnant women tested, more than half of the group who were given castor oil started to go into labor within 24 hours. 

A study conducted in 2001, discovered that pregnant women who ingested castor oil experienced nausea. Another study discovered that castor oil-induced contractions may lead to the passage of meconium (a baby’s first stool) while inside the womb. This essentially puts he/she at risk for meconium aspiration, which may result in neonatal respiratory distress. 

According to the study authors: “Most side effects caused by taking castor oil are fatigue, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Also, castor oil affected newborn’s APGOR score at the first minute … It is very important that women get the appropriate dosage from midwife or obstetrician before trying any castor oil induction.”


Even though the oil has medicinal properties, the castor plant contains ricin, a form of hazardous poison. It is from raw castor beans and the “mash” that’s left behind after castor oil has been processed. Ricin, through oral, nasal or intravenous transfusion, it works to prevent protein synthesis which ends up killing your cells. Ricin is an effective poison, that even ingesting or inhaling a milligram can kill. Even eating four to eight castor seeds can lead to your untimely demise.

However, you don’t need to worry about ricin poisoning from castor oil, as it is extracted from castor beans when processed at manufacturing plants. The International Journal of Toxicology’s Final Report on Castor Oil confirms this, saying that ricin does not “partition” into the castor oil, which is why castor oil has been safely added to cosmetic products that are sold on store shelves.


As with any herbal oil, utilize lots of care in using castor oil as it can bring about side effects. Having sensitive skin will worsen the allergic reactions! If they use this oil topically, which is why I advise doing a skin patch test prior to applying it on large areas of the skin.

If ingested, the ricinoleic acid works as an irritant to the lining of the intestine, which is responsible in reducing constipation. Although, too much can cause gastrointestinal upset and discomfort, as well as nausea and dizziness.

If you suffer from any digestive problems like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, cramps, diverticulitis, colitis or hemorrhoids, avoid this oil like it’s the bubonic plague. Those who have recently had a surgical operation should also avoid castor oil entirely. Finally, make sure to purchase organic castor oil from a credible/reliable source.

Much of commercial castor oil sold in stores are castor seeds that were soaked in pesticides or processed with solvents and various chemical pollutants. These do nothing but damage its medicinal components and contaminate it.

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